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diferent tires front and rear


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Apr 30, 2006
stl. louis mo.
2009 callaway crystal red coupe, 1995 pace car
got a 2001 conv. for the wife, it has run flats all the way around, fronts are about 4-5 thousand away from replacement. the rears were changed not that long ago, before we bought it. to tell the truth the goodyear f1 run flats are a terriable tire, they ride like bricks, are rear loud on the road. my main guestion can i get defferent tires on the front, say goodyear f1-ds-g3"s with the v tread. i hope that they are ok together. thanks Billy
Mar 27, 2003
Mustang, OK
'13 427 60th vert - '21 Silver Flare Coupe - CTS V Wagon(4-door Vette)
I've seen plenty of C5's with the D3 installed - very nice tire. I had them on my old '92 before I sold it.

However, I preferred to stick with the run-flat capability for my C5, so I bought Michelin Pilot Sport All/Season Zero Pressure tires. Quieter, better riding, longer lasting, cheaper than the F1 and run-flat.

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