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distributer swap



Just a word of thanks to Chris aka 69myway(mod man)
for his help today.we swapped out my hei dist for a tach drive dist in my 68 and now i can tell how fast my rpms are at 120mph.
She is still breaking up at top end but think we have it narrowed down to fuel starvation.

Thanks again to all involved and the c.a.c.:grinsanta

No worries, any chance I get to ride in that red rag top rocket of yours is awesome. See, now if you bring it over for the fuel pump swap I get to ride in it again!!

That was soooooooo cool to see that tach spring to life after who knows how many years it lay dormant.

I enjoyed myself. Plus, after you left I got the gas tank in the 69. I reconfigured the upper vent valve into a regular street elbow connector and am going to run it into a charcol canister. I hate that raw gas smell that comes from the older cars without the canister systems.

Take it easy,


The Pertronix unit was fairly easy to install and no more points to worry about. I would recomment it to anybody with an old points distributor. It is a really nice piece and for about $75 a nice investment in less hassles down the road.
Yea Chris, the pertronix unit was very easy.
another thing about the fuel starvation problem
may have something to do with the banjo fitting on
the edelbrock.I may have to swap it out for a
regular 45 deg fitting:cool

I have been thinking about this and it is driving me nuts. Talked it over with my Dad and some other gear heads I know.

I am beginning to think the problem is your hydraulic lifters have been adjusted too tight. I know that sounds crazy, but as the RPM goes up and they pump up higher I think that miss/breaking up you are getting is valve float.

This makes good sense, because you had the same problem with three different carb combos, and two different distributors with new components. We changed the wires, plugs, coil, the new pertronix unit, a new carb, etc. Low fuel pressure will do the same thing, but the valves are jumping out at me.

Those are roller rockers right? There is a simple and correct way for locking the little posi lockers in place that is often done wrong and causes them to come loose, or the builder to overtighten when adjusting.

I say go ahead and throw another fuel pump on for good measure. You don't want to put an electric up front as those only work best close to the tank. I think a good high quality mechanical unit will do the trick. If it still breaks up, come on back over and we will adjust the valves.

Hey, you got nothing to loose, plus I get to ride in that car again. This time, one way or another it is going to be perfect. :_rock
Good thinking Chris,now that you mention it the rockers have never been checked since install(200-300miles)and it is possible they could be a problem.still i want to work on the fuel system
as it seams everytime we tinker it gets a little faster:grinsanta

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