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Do you think Corvette will adopt a retro look

Feb 14, 2002
Northern California
1975 Pearl White Stingray, 4 Speed, T-Top
With the retro looks of the PT Cruiser, Prowler, and now the port-hole Thunderbird, my question is does anybody think Corvette will produce a car with a retro look from one of the first three generations? Would you like to see this happen, and which generation would you like to see them "re-produce" coupled with the Corvette technology of today?
I don't know, but this doesn't have anything to do with "Community Feedback". Moving to the C6 Forum.....
I hope not. Corvette needs to keep pushing on into the future and being the cutting edge that all others measure up to.

As is, the C5 does have some unique features that are reminders of the past. However, it is very tasteful. The Thunderbird on the other hand is a modern 1955 T-bird. It is cool for now, but I think the fad will fade fast as will the resale value of that car.
I think if they do it'll just be for the 50th Ann.

I like'm all, but I think the sportiest looking one is the shark, and no not because I have one.

Like they said when the sharks first came out, they looked like the were going 100 miles an hour parked.
With todays tech and their looks, " WOW".

By the way I love the looks of the new one's, hell I think their all beautiful:J


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