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Do your headers glow red in the dark ??!!



The Header pipe for the #4 cylinder glows red near the Head, in pitch darkness., at idle. Its the only one that does this. It is red for about 6 inches from the HEad. Is this particularly strange ? Do your HEaders glow red ...or am i just a lucky dude ?!

Thanks, dave.
I seen that once.It happened to me years ago.I had a timing chain jump a couple of teeth on the gear giving me an excessively over advanced timing.Car started running like crap.Popped the hood both headers brite.red.Car never ran again.Ended up warping the heads.An overly lean condition will do the same.I'd look into that.
I've only seen it once as well. It happened on over-the-transom headers on a jet boat, when we took the baffles out and ran real hard at dusk. ;)

I was just talking to Dave about this post. He immediately said without hesitation, that the cylinder was running too lean. It's not getting enough gas. Could be a valve or a carb problem.

Needs attention now, before serious damage occurs.

Okay...thanks alot for the advice fellas. I thought it was strange that it was just the one header on #4 cylinder.

I have my timing set for 36 degrees total advance. Maybe ill back it off a bit and see what change there is. Carb is brand new , and engine runs real good.

Glowing headers

Possible causes include:

1. Leakey exhaust manifold gasket allowing air into the #4 cylinder exhaust.

2. Leakey intake manifold gasket allowing air into #4 cylinder.

3. #4 cylinder running lean fuel/air mixture from carb.

4. Advanced timing.

Number 2 is my first pick, followed by Number 1. Both would casue a lean air/fuel mixture which burns hotter and would cause only the #4 cylinder header tube to glow.

Number 3 would cause all cylinders to run lean.

Number 4 would cause all cylinders to run lean.

Roy in Portland, Oregon

Thanks for the tips. Ill check all of that out, in the order you said. Mucho obliged !


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