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Don't Trust Car Fax...


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I just ran my 2000 Blazer it came up clean as a whistle. The car was a Lemon Law buyback via the Illinois court system. No mention at all in the report. Now some poor person in Wisconsin owns that nasty thing. They are totally worthless.


I have found out if the vehicle stays in one state its whole life, then the carfax report is usually correct ,but there are loopoles in everything, salvage titles can be falsified and so forth, such as in one case here in Las Vegas where a teenager got in a wreck during lunch hour and she ran into a light pole and killed 3 of her friends, granted she was only 15 and her ignorant father bought her the car before she even had a license,but it was later found out that the car had been cut in half and put back together during a salvage,go figure,You can Imagine the Lawsuits that are going to arrise from this. Just goes to show , you can never be to sure about some things.


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CarFax is only as good as the info that is entered in the system.
Unless you bring your car to a authorized dealer for work I am under the impression that info WILL NOT be put into the system.
For example, when I got the CarFax run on my '96, the only info that was listed was work performed by the dealer.
Most of the work on my car is performed by my private mechanic.
None of that info is shown.
Bottom line, if you don't have work performed by a dealer, it ain't going to show.
If I'm wrong about this , someone let me know


Well I think it doesnt matter where the work is done, it comes down to if the Insurance company was informed of the damage,not all claims are reported,and U are correct, if the information in inputed incorrectly then we have a problem, or fraud is committed, and so on and so on, I know my report showed all of the smog tests and renewals of registration,and every year was accounted for.But like I said there are ways to get around everything, and if someone sees away to make a buk on a damaged vehicle and not report it ,they will do so.

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CARFAX & the Loophole Guarentee!!

I ran my son's Honda Accord through and it came through clean as well - with documented mileage yet upon our inspection found that it had been in a serious front end collision. Our 93 Ruby Roadster came back clean as well yet 30,000 miles were unaccounted for - the CARFAX reports stopped at 41,000 miles and 18 months ago. Through service records I found that it was sold through a Dealer 14 months ago! So I don't know about the Dealer theory. Foutuneately, after a very VERY thorough inspection I took the leap and I've had no disappointments with the car to date. CARFAX IMHO and in theory is nice, and maybe reassuring, but it's certainly not reliable. And go ahead - just try and collect that loophole filled guarentee!:r :r :r


I also have a Blazer which has been in 2 medium accidents carfax
shows no accidents. However carfax was right on about another possible car which I was looking at. It also gave me correct info about the vette I bought as there was an issue with the title and mileage. They do give you some sort of guarantee, though it is 5000 dollar limit.
A good inspection is usually your best bet.

I will be out in Vegas in 4 more days. Can't wait. I need a vacation.

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