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Door lock adjustments



I just got the Vette back from being painted and could not open either door. I got the drivers side open by removing the T-Top and lowering the window. Does anyone have a blown up picture of the door rod assy and where the adjustments are ? The only adjustment I can find is the rod coming from the outer door handle, and it's not enough to release the latch....

The Vette is an 81 coupe




I am writing from the road, so I can't check . . . but I believe that the door hardware is covered in the AIM. However, I had the same problem with my '75 and it was indeed the adjustment for the outside door handles . . . both doors on mine also.

The adjustment is very sensitive on the adjusting rod. A few turns can make the difference between everything working correctly or not. My problem presented this way: the doors would open unless the door was locked and then unlocked. Once this cycle had taken place, the door latch refused to work. I would have to roll down the window and use a long screwdrive down in the window channel in order to press on the actuator and pop the door open. Once this had been done, the door handle would work correctly, until the lock and unlock cycle had once again been completed. I fooled around with ONE DOOR for an entire weekend before I finally figured it out. Of course, just getting the rod adjusted a few turns and then getting the keeper in the hole in order to test it was a major operation . . . I guess my hands are too big. Anyhow, I would certainly check the AIM for correct linkage placement and adjustment.

Just my $0.02 ( from a guy that's BTDT)


Shoot me an e-mail and I'll scan the schematics to ya. My 82 should be identical.

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