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Door panels



I am installing new standard door panels on my 76. Am using my old trim but the new door panels do not seem to fit very well. They seem to be somewhat thicker and the angles on the panels do not seem to match up pefectly with the angles on the door. The back of the new panels appear to be made of some sort of plastic. Any help here on the installation would be appreciated from the pro's out there.
Can't tell you on a 76, but put new ones on my 82 and all I can tell you is take your time and if you have problems walk away for a while.I wasn't overly impreesed with the made to fit carpet, console side panels or door panels.They all took a lot of triming and finesse to get them to look right.
the door panels

Not to spread bad news about someones products, but where did you guys buy them from. This is a move i was going to do but dont want to run into that problem either.
I've installed several sets of panels and purchased them from Ecklers,Zip and Corvette Central. It seems they all come from the same manufacturer. They all are plastic on the back side. If these are your first ones just take your time and follow the instructions that came with them and you will do OK. The hardest part of all the ones I've done is getting the lock knob back on. I believe the new panels are a tad thicker in that area. Good Luck, Fred
I think I hear an echo!:L I didn't put knew ones on but I had to remove mine to work on the locks and I had problems too. Patience is the key as everyone has said. Mine still aren't hooked on over the top of the door quite right but I'm not sweating it....yet.

Best of luck!
Hi guys again. Panels are fun aren't they? I just wrote to Denny and told him to put the door handle on the opening mechanism BEFORE putting on the panel. Then just pull it to the open position and slip the panel over the handle. I learned this after replacing an opener due to forcing the handle in the opening and pulling back. As for hooking the top if you tilt the panel toward the outside and then pull it down it will usually go over the door. Some of the ones I've done I had to rebend the metal part due to the panel being a little thicker at that point. Hope this help. Fred
I'm sure the new panels I bought and fitted last year were made for an F150 and not a Vette.:hb
VettePaul said:
I'm sure the new panels I bought and fitted last year were made for an F150 and not a Vette.:hb

ROFLMAO:L:L:L! Sorry but that is just too funny!:L:D

-Eric :w
Thanks everybody and especially fred for the advice on the panels. I did learn a new trick with a heat gun and some weight on the plastic back of the panels and I have now become more proficient with an xacto knife LOL Denny

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