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May 15, 2006
Singer Island, FL
2012 Supersonic Blue Grand Sport
I took a trip to Lakeland, FL from Fort Lauderdale in the Ghost Machine over the Labor Day weekend to visit some friends. Hit the FL Turnpike to Yeehaw Junction and then took Hwy 60 over. Put a bit over 500 miles on the car and have some impressions to share…

1.Gas mileage is amazing. Over 27MPG with the AC on and at 75+ most of the trip. (Except near Lake Wales where the Polk County Sheriff's deputies were busy welcoming motorists to the area!)

2.The driveline tunnel gets WARM!

3.Passing power---Wow…. :D

4.Ya gotta love those amber DRLs. Most left-hand lane hogs moved over fairly readily.

5.Took some heavy downpours on the trip and the stability in the rain is awesome.

6.XM Radio is heaven sent… :eyerole

There must be a malfunction in my GPS unit as it indicates a max speed of 111 MPH. I swear, I never exceeded the perceived speed limit….Laisse le bon temps rouler!;)

This is my first Corvette and I have to say I am one happy guy. My only two gripes about the car are the floormats (pretty cheap… the replacements are on order thru Baily MS) and the ashtray door that won’t stay closed. (I’ve seen the thread for that fix).

Rat Race

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Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
No doubt, a great drivers car. I went on a bunch of Upstate NY forays this summer, one in particular was the Central Adirondack loop, just an amazing drivers road reminisent of Alpine passes, long straits, and senic overkill around every sweeping corner.

The Corvette C6 driving experience was so personal, so inclusive, that not once did I turn on my radio or play a cd, thats how immeresed I was. There is nothing like my 6 speed Z 51 Corvette.

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