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dual quad aluminum intake 61 vette????



Just wondering if anyone out there could give me some info on an aluminum intake i have. It is a GM factory dual quad intake. I looked up the casting numbers in a GM parts book and it says its from a 58-61 vette from a small block. There were carbs on it but i am sure they are the wrong ones. I dont own a vette but I am just curios about which carbs will fit and if it is a rare intake. Any info will be greatly apreciated. My e-mail addy is bmackn@hotmail.com

thanx for lookin!!!
The intakes are pretty common but are still increasing in value some as time goes by. The carbs are more rare and can be very expensive to buy if you can find them. I have a few sets, 2 complete and one in parts. The manifold will bring around $150. more or less depending on who's looking and a complete undamaged, unrestored set will bring upwards of $1500. without air cleaner and around $2500. to $3000. restored with air cleaner. The carbs were WCFB Carters and the front was a no choke carb. They had 2 vent tubes across the bowl vents to prevent fuel sloshing on hard cornering. These are small carbs compared to what you are used to seeing so maybe the ones you have are right. Post a picture or get the numbers off of them if you can.

Welcome to the CAC,
dual quad intake

Thanks for the info Tom!!! I would like to pick your brain somemore. The carbs I have are exactaly as you described BUT when bolted to the intake the butterfy's won't open because they hit the intake. Maybe I'm missing a spacer or somethig??? Thanks for any help you can give me. My uncle would like to put this setup on his 61 vette with a 283 . It wouldnt be original but it would be cool though.
Thanks again,

No spacers or adapters are necessary. All my WCFBs from '56 to these '61s are the same size butterflys. Is this what yours looks like?

Carb pictures
Other side.
My work area.


If you would like I can take a picture of my 270HP two WCFB four barrel carburetor set-up.


I'll bet yours doesn't have those :cool oil furnace fuel lines.

Brian & Tom -

Can't remember the different WCFB carb numbers involved offhand, but there were two 1956 2x4 intake manifolds; the first design (3728725), and the second design (3731394). The second design had larger intake runners (which necessitated the running change that added the cutouts in the upper flange in the valve covers to clear them), and the raised tops of the second-design runner surfaces will interfere with the linkage levers in the idle position of the front (secondary) carburetor if the wrong (1x4) carbs are used instead of the correct ones. This can be corrected by using double gaskets, as the interference is slight.

Nice "work area", Tom!
Thanks John. I should have pictures to post of the whole garage soon.
61 Carburetors

Hi! Tom
Like the carbs; but would like to know the type of finish you used on the floor of your garage! Looks Great

The floor is just a standard sealer. It is Chemasters Polyseal. Costs about $60. for a 5 gallon pale. I rolled on 3 coats and let it cure while I was on vacation about 1 1/2 years ago. It sweeps and mops easily and you can recoat it whenever you want or need to patch an area. Holds up to oil and most other fluids even thinners if you wipe them up right away. Otherwise you will have to sport it in. I used it when I built the house 11 years ago and haven't recoated the basement floor or the other garage yet. Doesn't wear off even where the cars goes in and out daily either.


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