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Whoever rebuilt my 62 before I owned it put in a nice crate 350, M21 Muncie, nicely done. However, they chose to add aftermarket gauges for water temp, oil pressure and volts.............the original gauges are still hooked up because they register "oddly"........The add ons are mounted on the bottom of the dash just above my knees. I don't like the look, nor the non-originality nor my knees occasionally hitting them.

Here's the dumb question - - - If I hook the right wires to the right places between the water temp sensor, the alternator and the oil pressure sensor and the appropriate gauges, would they read correctly? Water temp is water temp; volts is volts and pressure is pressure. The readings on the add-on gauges are within the ranges on the original gauges...........

I've replaced idiot lights with gauges, and re-wired original items, but never sat and thought about this situation.

Perhaps it's the two glasses of Glenlivet that's messing up my brain??
Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
'67 Marina Blue Convertible
Depends how the aftermarket gauges have been "adapted" to work. The original oil pressure gauge is mechanical - is the aftermarket one mechanical or electric? If both are functional, is there a tee somewhere in the line?

The aftermarket temp gauge probably has its own sender - is it mechanical or electric? Where is the sender for the aftermarket gauge? Is the original GM sending unit still there somewhere?

The aftermarket voltmeter connection is simple - they're just spliced into any ignition-switched 12V wire. The original ammeter is completely different, and is in series with the car's main power feed circuit and its loads; has the original ammeter wiring been "messed with"?

You never know what a previous owner has done or how he did it until you poke around and see exactly what was done.



Thanks, John Z - - - I'll do some tracing and tagging and see what I find. I always like to "check in" before I start indulging one of my desires to "fix" something else !!

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