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E-Brake question


Fast Ed

E-Brake Problem :confused

my 76 has 4 wheel disks. when i pull the e-brake the rear pads do not engage? Do the rears have shoes built into the rear calipers? I know take the calipers off. Rounded the bolts! :r Which leades me to the second part of the question. What is the best way now to take the bolts off? BLUE WRENCH?
You have brake shoes inside the rear rotors, nothing to do with the calipers.
As for the caliper bolts, try using an impact socket. It's much thicker than a chrome socket and has a better grip. If that strips get a 15 mm socket and hammer it over the bolts. Both sockets need to be six-point.
Ed, Are you just wanting to adjust your e-brakes are do you know they are bad. If they just need to be adjusted, there is a hole on the outside of your rotor, just turn the rotor to where the hole is at the bottem and you will see an adjuster star, just like the old drum brake cars. This is where you adjust them. Some people try adjusting them on the cable, but this just set the tension and really does not do much good as far as actuall adjustment. Yes, w40 and vise grips if you can get them in there. If all else fails, cut the heads off, then you can use the blue wrench and vice grip to get whats left out of the houseing.......Hope this helps ya........Steve
The previous owner put alot of $ to make it look great but no functional $. The brake does not hold ergo it wiil not pass NY inspection. Thanks for the tips.

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