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Early C4 door sill pad?


Jan 28, 2002
Salinas, CA. Rio Rancho, NM
This is a pretty high-wear item, but Chevrolet (according to my local dealer) isn't selling them any longer and I can't find them in any of my catalogs. Does anyone know where I can find replacements? Specifically, I'm looking for a light grey for an '86. Thanks, tom
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When I re-did my interior last winter, I used the plastic/vinyl paint from Eastwood Company and I was very satisfied with the results, especially so since I can't paint worth a damn. ;)
Hey Ken,

Thanks for the quick response. My problem is that the cover is peeling off of the mounting and the foam is shot. Unfortunately, replacement is the only fix here. :-( tom
Good luck with the search for the pads; I couldn't find 'em anywhere! :(

_ken :w
What I know

Is wrecking yards should have good used pads.

And I'm suprized that Mid america and others don't, but it a good bet If GM stopped making them the aftermarket people are not far behind.


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