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Earnhardt Daytona C5


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Apr 19, 2001
Carbon County, PA
1984 Z51 Silver/Gray & as Much SS & CFibre we find
We are so happy...we finally tracked down the Earnhardt C5 from Daytona........its so very cool......it's made to look just like at the end of the race.........dirty and beat up alittle :)
My 2 cents

Hey guys i to was able to get my hands on the before and after vettes Dale and the boy drove, what a beautiful keepsake to have,:upthumbs
Earnhardt C5R

My wife brought home both the before and after race versions for me. I love her. :D They really are a must have for Corvette and Dale fans alike.

Jingle bells jingle bells

Ken you heathen with any luck the little lady is waiting for christmas, and if she doesn,t deliver then you can hate her.:bash
Re: Re: Earnhardt C5R


1987 Z51 said:

I hate her. :cry :L

BroKen :w

Just to rub this in a little, my wife has been bringing me Earnhardt and Corvette diecast home from the dealer where she works for many years. I have a good sized display case and it is full. Actually I switch things out occasionally. I have several big boxes of die cast and other stuff in the basement with no place to display it. I have Corvette promo models that I have never looked at.

Now that I have a digital camera I'll start to post some pics of some of this stuff.

Cool........they are so cool!!!.........dont forget to buy the Earnhardt Chevy car badge to go with it(anyDEI trailer at any race)....makes a nice display
The Corvette Museum did have both versions of the Earnhardt C5R Models in the Corvette Store. I don't know if they have any left or not. I got mine autographed by Dale Jr. At the NCM just before Labor Day.:)I also have a lot of Corvette Promo models on display all over my house. We have plexi-glass showcases hung on the walls with the models in them. I think we purchased them from Mid-America.:w

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