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Edelbrock manifold



At present I have a Edelbrock Torker Manifold which is a single plane. I was thinking of changing to a dual plane such as a Performer or Performer RPM. Will both of them work under the stock hood or would there be a clearance problem. At present I am running a 750 Holley on the Torker w/o a problem with clearance. Also have a 14" x 3" Air Cleaner.

Thanks Roy
I have the Performer under my hood w/ Edelbrock Q-jet and stock L-82 air cleaner (14x3 K&N inside) and it fits great. I have seen dozens of posts in the forum that the Performer RPM will create clearance problems.

i am about to change the intake on my car, what kind of performance change have you seen on your car
My stock Q-jet was nearly dead. The choke didn't work, the secondaries worked sometimes ... etc. I went ahead and got the intake also because it was on sale. Even with over 100,000 on the engine she would spin easily off the line and 'bark' them shifting to second. She also had no problem putting the tach needle well past 5500 RPM in 'drive' whenever I asked her to. The past tense is because she is currently being disassembled for resto.

L-82, TH350, 3.55 gears
same here

The engine on my car is being rebuilt to. Who ever owned the car before turned it into a flat out racer with really bad machine work. It turns out all the rings were broken "probably when they were installed" the cam and lifters were scored. The only thing good in the engine. They have the biggest valves chevy makes so i at least was able to salvage something. I am going to replace the quad with a holley and change out to a edelbrock performer manifold. The engine should put out 350-400 hp with some other modifications and a better cam.
Tried to reply to this thread last night. Had some problems and lost the CACC. My understanding is, the Performer will fit comfortably, the RPM will not. However being the show me type at times, I would visit the local parts store where many stock both. Compare them side by side. Also if you need a little more clearence the 14" element is available in a 2-1/4" high version wjhich is what I run on the "81.

I used to have the Torker 2 Intake, single plane. Switched to the AirGap Intake, dual plane. Im very glad i did. The vette warms up much better now, low end response is much improved. The gas/air charge is cooler because the Air Gap Intake ru ns much cooler , but i had to go with an L88 hood with fresh air. , to accomodate the added height of the Air Gap...but i wanted an L88 hood in any case.

I also went , at the same time, with new EDL 6045 Alum. Oval Port Heads and new Speed Demon 850 Carb. The combo is a very potent power builder - acceleration over the stock motor is quite phenominal. I built it for max. low end torque.


What you all are saying is basically what I have heard. The performer works w/o any problems and the performer RPM might be. I guess the air gap is also a little high. The performer is what Edelbrock suggested also. They have a height comparison chart on there website also for their manifolds. I just haven't had time to look at it yet.

Thanks for you input,,,Roy
Tech Support

Give Summit Racing or Edelbrock a call at their tech support number. They have a breakdown of each and every manifold by height and will be very helpfull, I went that route. I used models clay to measure the hood clearance to make sure things would fit right. I ended up putting an L88 hood scoop on my 62 to get the clearance I needed to put the right manifold and air induction on it. It doesn't show it in my pictures, I hope to get a more recent one posted in my signiture soon.......(That's a hint Bud!):)
How much performance...

I think if you are going to put on an Intake I would do the Ignition FIRST!

I just put an MSD 6A in my vette and man what a difference!! This car is much more responsive! I just installed one in my '88 Chevy truck and have never been able to spin the tires from a dead stop but it will light them up now!!!!

Welcome to the forums. I don't think you can go wrong with a MSD or the Corvette Action Center.

Ill give you a big 'AMen' on both of those Tom.
ignition upgrade

Right now I have a Accel super coil HEI ignition. While this seems to work OK, its possible a MSD system would be a improvement. Anyone out there have any input on this ??
MSD Rules

I have a complete MSD system in my 62 with a 6al box. It's a small price to pay for an over rev insurance policy. I have no complaints with it in any way. Nice aluminum billet distributor, I recommend it. They make the tach drive for the older ones also.
I have the MSD6T. Its the same as the 6AL except, it is weatherproofed internally and is cushioned internally as well. It cost about $15-20 more but its worth it for the water proof and vibration proof features. Wiring is the same , etc..

If you get one, be sure and locate it in the coolest place possible and as far away from the radio as practical . I have mine in front of the radiator on the lower valance - i needed to extend the wires to the coil but it wasnt any biggie. I ran #8 wire from the starter pos. post and fused it going into the MSD Box. I ran the Neg. to the frame after getting it real shiny for connection.

It delivers some real hot spark, and i have my plug gap opened up to .050" for better combustion. Im using it with a 60,000 volt coil.

intake & ignition

I'm (still!) building the 350 in my 71 cpe. I've got a Weiand 8004 Action Plus low-rise dual plane intake I plan to use ... height seems as though it'll work ok w/low-rise hood & stock air box-Qjet ... when assembled, I'll inform CACC as to fit ... I might go to BB motor if this assembly doesn't feed the need. The Edelbrock site provides dimensions and also claims performer rpm does NOT fit stock sb hood. The Weiand/Holley site offers no suggestion but does provide dimensions. The MSD cd boxes (like Crane & Mallory cd's) do help! With any multi-spark box, you'll need a good hi-po coil and spiral-core sp wires. I also have two MSD boxes ... I don't know which one I'll use for the 71 ... but it'll be the one I don't sell. So, for sale are two good used MSD boxes:

(1) One 6TN NASCAR box (pn 6401) (sn 11589) ... like a 6T, it is sealed but more heavily resin-potted but has no on-board rev limiter ... has factory see-through back for NASCAR tech inspection. The 6TN is very robust & has a plug for the separate-external rev limiter (pn 8738) available from MSD. Works on most 4-6-8 cyl car/truck/boat gas engines using distributor.

(2) One 6M-2 MARINE box (pn 6460) (sn 7495) with attached MARINE rev limiter (pn 8768) with 7K rpm module-chip. The 6M-2 is MSD's most completely sealed and most heavily potted; marine stuff is UL approved & most robust ...has heavier gage wire. Works on most 4-6-8 cyl car/truck/boat gas engines using distributor.

I also have for sale a couple good used Accel dual point distributors with cable TACH drives and mechanical advance only; each will fit SB or BB chevy V8 (not tall-deck, not 348, not 409).

If you've already decided you're ready for a good used box or distributor, email me.

Something so similar I thought it was yours...

From Musclecar Review (It doesn't do any good to post a link; they haven't done ANYTHING on their site at all yet!) :eyerole

A Matter Of Height

Question: I have a 1971 Corvette with an LS5 454 and Turbo 400. It's not matching numbers, so I am modifying it for street performance. When I bought the car, it came with an Edelbrock Torker 2 intake, a 750 Holley, and a drop-base air filter that barely fit under the hood. I want the low end performance that comes with a dual plane, but I'm having trouble finding one that will fit. Edelbrock says its performers will not fit. The height of the 300-42 mid-rise Holley and the 8019 Weiand seem to be ok, but I have not been able to get any height measurement on a 360 Offenhauser. Is there another manufacturer I am overlooking?

Answer: Somewher in never-never land, someone is working on a dual-plane big-block intake manifold that will meet your requirements ~ I just don't know who that person is. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with what currently exists. The Torker 2 is the only "short" manifold in the Edelbrock catalog. If you were to put a straight edge across the carb mounting flange, it would be 3.050 inches to the block rail (sealing surface) at the front and 4.60 inches at the rear. By comparison, the Performer 2.0 measures 4.30 inches at the front and 5.40 inches at the rear. All the other Edelbrock manifolds are taller than the Performer. The height situation doesn't appear to be any better with the offerings from Holley and Weiand.
Offenhauser 360-degree manifolds tend to be on the short side, but as their name implies, they're of the 360-degree, rather than the 180-degree, design. The 360- degree configuration is essentially a single-plane manifold with a divided plenum. Since this design doesn't have the long runners associated with a 180-degree manifold, it may not meet your low-speed requirements.
The root of the problem you're facing is the law of physics. Long-intake manifold runners tend to enhance low-speed torque. Runner length is partially determined by the height of the carb mounting flange - the higher the flange, the easier it is to build long runners with gentle turns. Hence the "high-rise"design.
Unfortunately, you have to close the hoods of most cars before driving them, and when high rise meets low hood, you have a problem. That's why many Corvette hoods contain a bubble or scoop and some Corvette engines are equipped with low-rise intake manifolds. Your best bet may be a stock intake manifold. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's not the only alternative unless you modify or switch hoods. Personally, since it's not a numbers matching car, I'd install an L88 or an LT-1 style hood, which will provide enough clearance for a high-rise, dual-plane intake manifold. Companies such as Eckler's offer a number of custom Corvette hoods that look very much like factory originals, yet have a higher rise for increased hood clearance.

Just saw this and remembered this intake manifold thread, so that's why I published it here for you. I don't need no stinking carburetors! :L
Stock hood

OK, I've been considering the same upgrade myself. I am curious as to what the stock hood on the '71 LS5 is called - I've been calling it the L88 hood (is that correct?)? The Musclecar Review article above makes it sound like this person with the LS5 needs to replace their hood with an L88 in order to get the clearance. Did the author just not know that the LS5 came with a high-rise hood already?


I had to go the L88 hood scoop route on my 62 in order to use a Victor Jr. intake with a three inch K&N air element. I also have the K&N top which replaces the chrome one and allows 1000cfm making the entire air cleaner a breathing one. It made a huge difference in my performance. The pictures I have in here were taken before the change in the hood, I'll try to get the new ones posted soon with Bud's help:)
Re: Stock hood

BBB454 said:
Did the author just not know that the LS5 came with a high-rise hood already?

Barb, basically I posted that article to show the measurements from the carb flange to the manifold rails. If I would have known it would cause more questions than it was being helpful, I would have edited it. It would have saved me a lot of typing! ;)

(Yes, I typed the entire thing; I couldn't get the text scanned correctly.) :(


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