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EGR for a Performer



OK, another snag in getting the motor back together. This weekend I was redoing some of the wiring and small intake stuff, and lo-an-behold the EGR I have will not work on the Performer EGR manifold. Seems, after talking to Edelbrock, that I have to get an adaptor to make it work due to the type of hold down I have on my EGR.

So, my question here is, does somebody know what EGR will bolt directly to the Performer EGR manifold. I would rather do this than buy an adaptor for the one I have. Its old anyhow and needs to be replaced. I figure I can find one that will fit the Edelbrock two bolt holes correctly and not mess with the bracket.

Have any of you guys done this? I would reall appreciate the help. I have to get her back together, I'm startin to have driving withdrawals. You would hate to see a big man with the shakes, wouldnt you!
Plug it off!

I'd be inclined to just plug off the EGR port on the intake with a small flat plate and re-route/plug some hoses ... that is if and until you have to have the emissions checked.

EGR value?? Oh that thing that's in my old parts pile. Like Jack said block it off and leave it off if you can.
This kind of stuff makes me so :mad

There is nothing I hate worse than to buy some new something or another only to find out that I have to go out and get something else to finish it off. Where, had I known up front would have been glad to pay a few more dollars for it to begin with and save me the trouble later.

Don't get me wrong, I love Edelbrock and am in the process of finacially supporting them through my adventures. But........they have a way of getting you 99% of the way there then leaving you hanging. This is especially true on their carbs in the event you buy one and can't get it to run strong out of the box. You call the tech line and the fellow will ask.......Did you get the tuning kit? Did you get the extra jets, what have you changed yet........BUT, the basic carb comes with none of this. So, you special order some more stuff and wait another week or two to finish the project.

The number one worst thing is when you buy some nice new part and it does not come with any bolts or screws to put it on. Has that ever happened to you?

I was blown away when the TPis Miniram showed up in the mail with a complete set of intake to head bolts. Oh ya, no EGR there at all, and they warned me of same before concluding the order.

Sorry man, I don't have any ideas on what will fit. Just had to help you vent a little here, and get a little off my chest. I know what you are going through there.

Good luck. Post up what you find when you find it so we can save the next fellow some time and trouble.
Well, I have to say I am with you Chris. I'm surprised that they sent the heat riser plate for the choke. I'll let you know when I find one that will work. I may have to go to a bone yard for it. None of the local shops carry EGR's in stock, so I cant look at them.

I know most of you would say just dump it. However, if things start getting sticky here in Texas on emissions, I dont want to be left hanging. So, in my opinion, its better to do a little extra work now than have to do a lot later.

Thanks, if anyone else wants to chime in, go ahead.
I suppose there are some arguments to be made to leave the EGR on the vehicle. I don't know the smog laws in your state, however here in California, a car of your vintage would be exempt from inspections. Therefore, you could scrap the EGR.

Back to your original question . . . an EGR from a 75, 76, 77, 78 will fit as a direct bolt up to your manifold. Your older engine used a clamping arrangement for the valve. The above mentioned years use a flat flange with two bolts which match the pattern on the Edlebrock 3701.


Excellent, Ron. That was exactly what I needed to know. I know its a good debate on the pro's and con's of keeping it. I just figure, for the little bit of hassle of having it there, its not worth the visual inspection risk. I pulled the AIR pump, and hope that does not become an issue. Texas is pretty easy on older cars. I'll let you know, I am due an inspection as soon as I get her back on the road. Thanks again
One last thing . . . I have heard that EGR valves from the parts store are rather expensive. I don't know what they meant by 'expensive'. I guess that's in the eye of the beholder . . . uh . . . er, the beer-holder. However, I have one off of a '78 that I'll give you . . . it ain't doin' me any good. So, if you find they're too much, give me a holler. This one is an extra.

Hey Hijinx, you shouldn't have to even experience emissions testing. Texas was '74 and newer the last time I checked, unless some politican scewed with it. I know about the impending stricter standards, but I didn't hear anything about it affecting older cars, with the exception of the scrap program. In my county, the registration office tells me that all I need is insurance, title, money for taxes and safety inspection, and I'm good to go. I mentioned emissions and the lady answered, "no." :) --Bullitt
Ron, thanks but as normally happens I picked one up yesterday and read this today. If I have any trouble with it, I will get back to you. It was $30, not too bad.

Bullitt, I'm sure your right. I have never had any state inspection place give me any hassels about emissions on my 25 year plus cars. I doubt I will get it with this one. Like I said, I am at least trying to keep up apperances with the EGR. Of course I sansed the AIR pump. That's not that noticable...... is it?:D

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