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EGR Valve Clearance Problems.



Well here I sit, thinking, "I must be the only person in the history of cars with this problem!". The reason I think this is because no one has been able to help me with this so I turn to you...

I have an '80 vette (duh) and I just installed a new radical camshaft, performer intake, performer heads, edelbrock carb, headders and roller tip rockers.

After running the engine and breaking in the cam I desided to take the car for a little spin, nothing crazy but just around the block. When I came back I had broken a rocker arm stud and bent a pushrod. Well I bought a set of 'Magnum' push rods ($100), and put it all back together and the rollor tip on the one that broke was damaged so I bought a set of true roller rockers($175), well now the valve covers won't fit, so I bought a set of Edelbrock Signature series aluminum Valve Covers($75), well now the EGR Valve won't fit. This is where I need your help.

Has anyone EVER had this problem. If so what did you do to fix it? I live in Cali and have to keep this car smogged so I won't just block it off.

Please help?



Although I don't specifically remember where, I'm very sure that I have seen extensions for EGRs. I would check with some of the speed shops around . . . someone must have this item . . .

While we're on the subject here, how about posting your engine combo and whether or not you are satisfied with it.


sd pacecar

Are the nuts holding the rockers on tall or short? I think that may be the cause of the valve covers hitting. Or I may be totally misinformed about this one. But I recall asking my mechanic the same question vis-a-vie the roller rocker clearance problem. He told me to use the short nuts and stock covers will fit.



I am in the process of rebuilding a 73 I picked up last year that had a mid 80's 350 installed. The person that had it before me installed tall chrome valve covers and thus the EGR valve wouldn't fit.

Since I live in KS don't have to worry about keeping it smogged.

I was looking at options before plugging it, and this is what I found:

My EGR valve had a spacer under it (about 1/4"), and if I found another spacer and stacked them with gasket material between it would allow the EGR valve to clear.



I had more of a problem with mine clearing the carb. Edelbrock has an adaptor for the EGR, however it put mine closer to the valve covers and away from the carb. You should call Edelbrock. They should have an adaptor that will help you out.
May 6, 2002
Simi Valley, CA USA
1975 Red on RED Coupe
There is a riser. I have one on my 75. it came with the used intake manifold I picked up from a local dealer. It is a must for the valve to clear. On another site I found out that Gm still makes the spacer.


Well I called Edelbrock yesterday.He said he gets this call about once a month. They told me that they have a spacer but it is mostly for carburator clearance problems. Basicaly I am on my own. I gusse I am going to have to go down to the local corrvette shop and see what he thinks.

On a good note... I took the car out for a little harder spin and man o' man does it run faster. This was well worth the work and cost!!

I ahve a friend that has access to a dyno. Will see if we can get some time to check it out.

Thank you all and will let you know what happends next.


Apr 30, 2002
Mattoon, IL, USA
1979 Frost Blue Coupe L48
You might try looking at jegs.com - I have been looking into the Performer 3701 intake (w/ EGR) for my '79, and they show an EGR spacer from Edelbrock, part #350-1476. I'd like to know if this works - I may be in for the same ordeal as you!


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