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Has anyone removed the stock fan and install one of the dual electric fans? I found that later camaros and vettes have this setup. Can you use this on an 81? 81's have 1 electric fan along with the clutch fan that comes on with the air.

We have owned our '81 since new and have never had a heating problem with the single electric fan. I think, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, that the new Camaros and Corvettes have 2 smaller fans because the radiator is shorter and wider and it is necessary to have 2 side by side to cover the whole area.

I suppose that you could measure the dual fan assembly and see if it will fit but why fix something that isn't broken?


Tom, Thanks for the info. Did you remove the belt driven fan and just leave the electric one?
I mounted a Flex-a-lite model 210, twin fan unit on my 79 last weekend. It's still too cold to tell how it will work in summer cruzing temps. Installation was easy and everything worked as advertised. Flex-a-lite recommends their product for air conditioned cars up to 200 HP, hope they are right.
Did you have a electric before?? I would like to leave my stock fan and use the electric as an auxiliary. Do you think both will fit?? Also how did you attach the fan??
ccflorida I had an engine driven fan only. What prompted my change was a broken fan blade that went through the hood, taking out the fan shroud on the way. When I removed the broken shroud I used the upper brackets from it and attached the lower to the crossmember below the radiator. I am not using the engine driven fan. Kansas is hot in the summer, but this car isn't a daily driver anyway, so if it gets hot I'll just leave it parked until the sun goes down. If you want an aux. fan you will want one that is mounted in front of the radiator, there just isn't enough room to mount a meaningful aux. fan in the rear. Mounting in the front will bring you problems with hood clearance when the hood is opened. For what it's worth I fretted for days before deciding to go electric. An engine driven fan will be more reliable and give you a better chance of staying cool if you can only have one.
Thanks 79Toy
I looked into today to mount a pusher fan in front of the radiator but as you said there is no space to mount it. I also spoke to a local Corvette Mechanic and he claims he can mount a fan on the backside of the radiator .If he can do it so can. I just have to find out the type and size of fan. 79Toy Use that Vette or somebody else will!!!!!
I own a 68 BB convertible stroked to 454 ci with headers and sidepipes. This car became very hot in traffic, sometimes reaching top scale 240 F.
I managed to install a secondary fan forward of the radiator controlled by a 78-82 temp switch screwed into the R/H head. Just made it with the hood clearance, but I think that this fan isn't big enough to work on it's own.
May be a double fan setup with extra slim fan/motors could work.

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