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Energy Suspension poly sway bar bushings



Energy Suspension poly sway bar bushings,greaseable http://www.energysuspension.com/pages/swaybbct.html --Unused,in boxes-greaseable,black Poly bushing sets, for 1.25" (inch & a quarter)-list $14.69 new,and 7/8"-lists $16.69 new.Universal application. Detailed Description
Dollar-for-dollar Energy Suspension's anti-sway bar end links and anti-sway bar bushings offer the greatest improvement in performance handling on cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles! Energy Suspension's anti-sway bar bushings are available either as standard type (shown at left) or greaseable type (shown below). Sets come complete with corrosion resistant zinc and gold irradiate-plated strong 3/8" grade 5 bolts, nylon insert lock nuts, heavy gauge washers, and mounting brackets. Additionally, their special formula HYPER-FLEX bushings assure long lasting performance! Available in red or black. Shipping is not included.

PIX-> http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/...5375.jpg&s=f10

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