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Engine compartment, Interior vinyl?



I have a 2000 I'm getting ready for show season, anyone got any ideas for the engine compartment? I'd like to have all the plastic clean but not shiney. the "New from the factory" look. The inside black on the console/dash, also... :confused
Spray-on tire foams work wonders for the plastic wheel wells. ;)

_ken :w
I understand the "look" that you are trying to achieve. You don't want an over done/greasy appearance, but rather a matte type/clean look.

The product that I use to achieve these results is 303 Aerospace Protectant. 303 leaves behind a very nice/factory original finish. It is not greasy or oily at all. You may also want to try it on your dash and door panels as well. It provides a factory new appearance there as well. Great stuff.
i just wash the engine bay,wheel wells,etc with soap& water about every 2 or 3 washings of the car.then wipe it all down and there you have it a clean factory looking engine bay.

Once my engine compartment is cleaned, I use Meguiars Rubber and Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner on the rubber hoses and most of the plastic surfaces around the engine compartment.

This product gives a nice shine but not that over greasy/wet appearance that some other products use.

I also believe they make a hard plastic cleaner as well. A full list of their products can be found in the Reviews section....which incidentally is going to undergo a major overhaul and will be 100% better than it is right now. Stay tuned!! ;)
Just a suggestion

Anyone doing detailing on there engine compartments should use caution when selecting products to clean or shine things like hoses and wires.

Certian products although they may look nice, may have chemical properties that can cause deterioration or promote dry-rot on plastics in your engine bay.

Again, just a suggestion :)

Spyder, I'll tell you one thing I learned the hard way, NEVER use Armor- all on any thing under the hood. It turnes it grey. After I screwed up I tried several products and finally bought crome fender well covers.
You will not have that "graying" problem with the 303 Aerospace Protectant. I use it all the time under the hood without ill effect - it's a quality product. :D

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