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Engine Question


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Dec 16, 2000
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Now, I know an original stock vette is pretty cool, but modified vettes, especially sleepers, are also nice too. My question is this:

I have a pretty good line on a 383, balanced and blueprinted, etc. What would it take to put it into my '81? Would my stock manifolds fit? or should I do headers as well? Also, would I have to do anything to my tranny, like beef it up? The vehicle this motor is in now is having all types of tranny problems. Any one have experience putting one in a C3? Any comments and suggestions are definately welcome, and needed. :)

Having 400hp and 420-435 lb-ft of torque in a Shark would be cool!!! Then I could really put Shrk Atk on my license plate. It would be one heck of a sleeper car!!! Anyways, thanx for any suggestions etc.

Max, Sounds cool to me. We put a 383 in a 77 a few years back. It had a 350 THM automatic transmission and so far has had no trouble. This car is owned by a 26 year old kid(no offense to you 26 year olds out there, but this is a 26 year old kid:)). We also put a 434 stroker in a 72 with a 700R4 with 390 gears and no trans problem so far, this trans was beefed up alittle. This car will get third gear scratch so the trans had to be beefed. it also runs 13sec flat in the qtr with exhaust and slicks. So this one has been put to the test. But, back to the 383, If the vehcle it is in now is having tranny problems, is there another reason,ie, is it in a larger car, a 4X4, or ???? If it is in a normal size car, what size cam does it have, should it have a stall converter, or a bigger stall converter. A 383 with 400 to 450 HP should not bother a THM 350 that is in good shape..........BTW, don't forget the flow masters. Also use you original exhaust, it just looks better. Although if it truely has 450HP a good set of coated headers will help, except you loose a little bit of you "sleeper" plan..........other then that sounds like a fun plan to me.......Steve
Actually, the motor is in my brother's pickup. It's 1993 GMC 1/2 ton, ext. cab, 6" lift, 35" tires, 4x4. etc.(it's a pretty sweet truck) His torque converter went out 2 months after the install of the motor, then his transmission went out. His new transmission was put in, but the people who did it overfilled it with tranny fluid and something else happened, but I can't remember what. His newest tranny has been in since Dec, and now he says it's making all kinds of noise. His truck had an aftermarket shift kit in it, and a 1600 stall converter. Personally, I think he just hot rods it too much, stoplight to stoplight kinda thing :) . He also has a heavy foot when highway cruising. But we're not sure why it keeps having problems. if he gets a job he's been offered after he grad's from college, he's gonna sell the truck with it's original 350, and he'll sell me the 383 on a payment plan :) .

Thanx for the input though. I'd really like to customize my vette, make it my own, and what better way to do it? :)

(ps, i turn 20 in april, but not to worry, no tickets, and no accidents :) insurance is bad enough without them)

If the tranny in your vette is in good condition it should be no problem with the bigger motor. It might be wise to have it checked out when the engine is out for the swop rather than put it all together only to find out later it has to come back out again. Good luck with your project.

BTW I have been driving as long as you have been alive and have lots of tickets and had lots of crashes, just give it time.:cool:


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