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Exhaust/Bolt ons



I just entered the proud world of Corvette ownership, and I am wondering what are the best weekend bolt-on modifications which the LT-4 responds to enthusiastically ? My 'vette is a '96 six speed CE edition. Thanks in advance, Steve.:grinsanta
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Sorry I can't help you with your LT-4 questions, but somebody will chime in soon (Jason, oh twiget, LT-4!) :L

Glad you found us. :upthumbs
I think the power programmer is a good start along with other typical small mods......ie. exhaust, air foil, K&N, open air lid, screen removal from MAF sensor, maybe a throttle body bypass.......all the little things add up :)

Welcome. Although it may take more than a day Hooker Ceramic coated headers Are worth about 20 horsepower, And while your under there mightas well do the cat back. And the headers help with plug changes.:grinsanta
LT4 Bolt on's

I have a Lt4 1996 Coupe and I have reprogrammed the computer, Hyper-Tech with a 160 degree thermostat, air foil in the throttle body, moved the MAT sensor to the air cleaner box, K&N air filter with the open frame air box cover(no shroud) a Breathless fuel pressure regulator and a cooliant by pass for the throttle body. The engine runs MUCH cooler as the fans turn on sooner and the 160 degree stat really helps here in Texas. Hooker Cermanic Coated headers and Random Tech cats and a Power Effects cat back exhaust are next. I have not removed the screen from the MAF sensor yet, as I was not sure if it would help.
LT-4 Bolt On's..

Thanks for the reply Louis !:s I think the mod's you described are what's in store for my " Silver Bullet " Everything except the ceramic coated headers ! I will definitely buy the Hookers when the time & money fall into place, however, I think that I may go with the flowmaster Force II cat back system, I'm not 100% commited to that though..... I saw a very interesting post earlier tonight, regarding reducing the diameter of the factory pipes, and I may go that way, as a buddy of mine owns a muffler shop, and can possibly bend up some decent pipe at the smaller diameter, but we'll see ! I would like to find a balance between sound level & performance, as I plan to utilize this car mainly for chasing the opposite sex :love , and I don't want the sound of the car to scare any potentail Mrs. gray's away ! However, the car will make the occasional trip to the dragstrip ! Not to mention, be driven as much as possible on sunny day's :cool . Well, gonna run, Steve.
LT4 Bolt on's

Why the smaller pipe size? The LT4 has 2 3/4 inch pipes and most of the cat backs are that or larger.
Why the smaller pipe size ?????

Hello Louis ! In a nutshell, the gentleman that was expounding on the exhaust system stated that the larger diameter pipe that the LT1's & LT4's came with caused large amounts of turbulence at the joints of the pipes where the different sections are welded together. He said that by reducing the diameter of the pipe all the way thru, it eliminated the large transition ramps thru out the system, which in turn smooths the air flow, there by gaining in cfm's moving thru and overall effiency of the system to move the air ! He seemed to me to be a very knowledgeable individual, and his credentials are that he worked for a company ( Calsonic ?) that did all of the R&D for the C5 exhaust system. I tried to e-mail him with a few additinal questions as his post really intrigued me, however he is not receiveing any mail from this site. One of our site administrators might be able to contact him, however I couldn't ! I hope I didn't confuse you too much, Steve.
Exhaust Bolt Ons

Hey P-colavette,

I too just put myself into a 96 Collector Edition. This thing is a rocket on four wheels. It has 30K original miles on it.
My exhaust is a Corsa system. Sounds very nice, looks great (100% stainless steel).
Cat back Exhaust

Hi James and P-Colevette,
I was Sales Manager at D&D Performance Exhaust (Motorcycles) for several years so I do understand about exhaust flow. As I have seen several different styles and different diameter exhaust systems Dyno tested on the same motorcycle with a difference in performance gain. And bigger is not always better unless you are going to change the C.I. size of the motor. I am looking for a car magazine that has tested a LT1 or LT4 C4 Vette and see which diameter pipe size made the best performance gain on a stock motor with just a few bolt on's as I have done. The Corse system is a 2 1/2 inch O.D. system as is the Flow Master. Stock the LT4 is 2 3/4 inch, B&B makes a 3 inch and Power Effects makes a 2 3/4 inch system that is adjustable (so far my favorite, except the price) Borla makes two systems for our Vettes' and they claim that the 2 3/4 makes more H.P. than their 2 1/2 for the LT4 only as the 2 1/2 was made for the LT1 motor. The Motorcycle magazines ever year has a exhaust challenge that all of the major mfg's send in there systems for a Dyno test all done on the same bike.
Merry Christmas to ALL
Louis Bartay
P.S. James are you close to Fort Worth??
email me at labartay@swbell.net
"Exhausting" Reply......

Hello Louis & James !:w James, Welcome to the best site for 'vette owners ! and the world of LT-4's:s , I can only imagine how good your car runs, mine has quite a few more miles on it than 30,000 ! Louis, I made a purchase of two Dynomax Ultraflow mufflers, which are 3" inlet/outlet, so I will see how they work out in the grand scheme of things ! Right now I have purchased an air foil, K&N filter, and the Dynomax mufflers. I may delete the cat's, but I would like to see what the car will run on the track before I get too carried away with any other bolt on's. I will do a coolant bypass for the intake, and also open the air box up, so I'm sure that I will feel some what of an improvement ! Merry Christmas to ALL, and Here's Wishing Every One the Best for the Holiday's !:beer

LT4 Bolt on's

The Hyper-Tech Power programmer helped as did the 160 degree stat. Doug Rippie and several others will reprogram your computer with better results but my vette was still in warranty so I went with the Hyper Tech so I could change back to the stock setting with out having to send my computer back to the person who changed it. As the G.M. dealer can not check every thing unless the stock program is in the computer. Does the mufflers you purchased have the stock style rear tips? As I really wanted mine to look stock. Borla makes a set of mufflers that are 2 3/4 inch for the LT4 with stock tips for $500.00. Where did you purchase your mufflers? I would not take off the cats as your car will not pass State inspection testing, see Randon Tech. for a pair of great free flowing cats. that are good for a few more H.P.
Regards, Louis
Welcome CACC guys. Sorry I'm a little late on this but better late than never.:)

I'm glad your having good luck with your car Louis. Sounds like your having fun with it too.:) I was going to remove the MAF screen my self, but after checking with some people more knowalgeable than I, I have decided not to do it. My reasoning is that the elements are very fine and easy to damage or destroy. Besides, that screen is your car's last defense against any particles that might make it through the air cleaner. And with an open lid like you've got, it's sucking more air in. Besides, I"m not convinced that removing the screen would be worth it anyway.


Congratulations on your CE. They are beautiful cars. I've got the same Corsa exhaust system on my GS too. It is pretty nice, but some day I am going to replace it with Borla's or B&B's well see.

LT4 bolt-ons

Steve- thanks for telling me about the forum. Can't wait to get up with you so we can mod your new vette. IMO, i really think the HPP is worth a lot more to automatic cars. Unless you are gonna change gears or tire size, they really don't do much for a 6 spd. We can put in a controller for your fans & I have a 180 stat from my 94. I understand other members concerns on removing the MAF screen. I can tell you my experince that it DOES make a difference. Especially if you open up the intake. If you keep your K&N clean and oiled, you should not have a problem. I have removed the screens on all 5 of my previous C4's and also on my C5 with great results! See you on Sunday- SCOTT
I've heard both pro's and con's about removing the MAF screen. I figure anything that helps the motor breathe better can't be too bad. If anything small enough to get thru the air cleaner hits the screen I doubt if it will stop it. I have the Flowmaster cat-back system and am very happy with it. I also have :
BPP Vortex cold/ram air induction system(I've heard some complaints about quality but have had no problems with mine) relocated MAT sensor, 52mm BBK throttle body, coolant by-pass, BPP AFPR, Taylor wires, Bosch +4's, Hooker Ceramic Coated Headers, Straight pipes replacing the cats, Hypertech Power Programmer, 160 degree thermostat. Hopefully this winter I'd like to do some head work and replace the cam. Oh yeah, I remove my MAF screen. Just take your time and don't try to do averything at once. That way if there is a problem you don't have so many possibilities to look at. Also it is easier on the wallet.

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