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exhaust manifolds


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Mar 25, 2001
Brookfield, WI
Blue 1966 Roadster, Black 1986 Coupe
Anybody know if the exhaust manifolds off a 1978 454 motor will bolt up into the original 1966 427 side pipes in the vette? (are the manifolds the same?)
Not the same. the 454 I'm putting into the '74 came out of a 78.
I ended up buying some from paragon.
I believe '74 manafold are different than a 66 (Just the left one is,but not a lot different) check my site for pictures http://mail.chartermi.net/~drhall/

I just looked. a 78 left one exits near the back straight down might work with a custom bent pipe??
the 78 right side exits out the very back with an angle down.probably too close to the cowel area of the car.
I could sent you some closer pics, Email if you want.
But if your in a hurry I won't be back until sunday .
Thats for the info. pictures won't be neccesary. I figured I would have to get some new ones.

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