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Exhaust Mods


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Nov 22, 2000
Los Gatos, California
1996 GrandSport #427 1963 Red Split Window
I am interested in eliminating the cats on my LT4. I have a B & B 3" cat-back. In California no one will touch
1. Does anyone know where an replacement piece can be purchased, that would allow R & R on the cat.
2. If anyone has made this mod are were there any problems ?
I've seen cat replacement tubes for off-road use in various catalogs but surely you ought to be able to find a muffler shop that can fabricate some for you.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
which magazines ?? In California the fines for altering smog equipment can be in the thousands.
It might have been Ecklers or Mid-America. California isn't the only state that can fine you. All states can because it is a federal law against tampering with emission controls.
I have full length headers with random tech cats (bullet version) and a catback on the '90. It cost about 1600$ in fabrication - mainly because they'll have to shorten both the exhaust and the header, and make flanges for both - which was a bit of labor. Next time I'll go with Jeal's shorties.

BTW, there are some "extraneous" emissions equipment after this install. It all looks like it's hooked up though, and it passed the sniffer test better than the new cars I've had did. :)

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