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experimental L-88



Have been trying to find info on a 68 corvette a friends father bought back in 68 69. The small data plates next to the shifter stated..... 427 cubic inches experimental L-88 horsepower N/A. Engine had aluminum heads, and I thought it had an aluminum block. This was the fastes car I have ever driven! I never have forgotten the experience. I have been trying to find info on this experimental L-88 engine. Any info would be appreciated.

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According to the model center in this site the 1968 L-88 had an actual 600 horsepower, but was rated at 430 to get the owners cheaper insurance rates. That might be the one you are thinking of.



Growing up 20 minutes from the GM Tech Center I can tell you that all kinds of wild things have been snuck out of there in the 60's and 70's. But as far as an experimental L-88 car that's going to be tough to find as it's probably not well documented, or someone doesn't know what they have, or it's rotting away in some old geezers barn, or......who knows. A guy in town here bought an old 56 to restore, when he took it apart it turned out to be an old rare race car worth a ton of $$$ if properly restored. The L-88 had aluminum heads, and the ZL-1 was all aluminum, but GM has an experimental engine group.....where my lucky cousin works now. Some of the goodies they play with a unreal, they still have an old Camaro with some earth shaking motor that they cruise around the Tech Center with. Here'a link to a rare 68, has a big block but it's not an L-88, it was just a sticker test car.

I think your best bet would be to try and follow the owner history, if that's still possible.

ZL-1 Sticker Prototype Vette


Experimental L-88

As i remember the story on this car,it was a special order car. There was a $1500 deposit placed at time of order. When the car arrived at the dealership, the wife of the man who ordered it told him, if he took delivery she would divorce him. The car sat at the dealer for a long time{Selman Chevrolet in Orange,Ca.} My friends father traded in his 64 65 f.i. vette on this car. Even with the $1500 deposit the balance due on the car was still $8000-$8500. Over the years I never forgot this car. I've always wondered if that experimental L-88 was a prototype ZL1. With the $9500-$10,000 price tag it was up in the ZL1 price bracket of the following year. Thanks again Jerry

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