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F/S 2004 Commemorative Edition Coupe w/ Z51 Suspension

torch95red said:

Any luck selling the '04 CE ?


Hi Mike,

I didn't get many inquiries until just recently. I have had a few "close" calls, mainly over the past 2 weeks or so (must be the warm weather) but I've still got it.

I had a firm (and probably reasonable) offer last Sunday but I turned it down. Here's the funny part.....A gentleman still offered to buy it for his wife even though I wouldn't let her test drive it. She wants a Vette but when she got in and buckeled up, she looked over and told me she was "scared" of it. I immediately asked her for the keys back. Her husband was a little shocked but he understood (must be a Vette guy himself).

I recognize that I am asking close to the top of the scale for my car and I know there are a lot of very well maintained C5's out there. However, I am confident that mine IS one of the best cared for and documented CE's being offered. I am willing to negotiate in good faith but I will not wholesale it, at least not for now.

This is a painful process and it's even harder on me because this has been dragging on now for a couple months. I don't want to sell it but I know it's gotta go.

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Awesome Looking Vette!


if that were a 6-speed manual I'd be sending you a PM. Sorry to hear about the job, and all the best.

Dom C
Thanks Dom C!

I sure hate to part with her but I have more important obligations to consider at this time. However, I WILL be back behind the wheel of another one at some point in my life, maybe a C8 :)

This car gives a whole new meaning to the term "prisitine".

I flew down to Atlanta a few weeks back for the sole purpose of looking at this car. Before I talk about the car, let me tell you about the owner - the guy has a genuine respect and appreciation for the Corvette product. It shows in this car when you look at it. TriStar has every possible piece of documentation on this car. Everything is either laminated or bounded. I thought I was organized until I met this gentleman.

Now the car....

Inside - not a scuff, crumb or cigarette ash to be seen. Still smells brand new (never smoked in) and completely stock with the exception of the mats, which are the color-coordinated fox weatherboot mats. The original mats are unused I believe. Side bolsters/driver's seat have almost no wrinkles. All leather is clean enough to eat off of.

Outside - The car is a 2004 CE and been on the road almost 1.5 yrs I think. There were 2 tiny (I mean REALLY tiny) nicks in the paint ON THE WHOLE CAR. I wouldn't have noticed them if TriStar hadn't pointed them out to me. The rest of the car glowed like you wouldn't believe. I think he used NXT on it but I'm not positive. More importantly, it was applied CORRECTLY. I have seen far too many Corvette finishes butchered by an owner who had no idea how to apply car care products. Not a swirl mark or acid rain drop on this car. Wheels were rash-free. Trim and glass were perfect. Underbody, engine compartment, wheel wells were all immaculent. Carfax reported no concerns.

Okay - so why didn't I buy this car? I tried to. Unfortunately, my offer came in a little too low so I continued looking at other 04' CE coupes. I found nothing remotely close to the condition of TriStar's gem. Prior to making a 2nd offer on TriStar's car, I found a new 2005 C6 that was loaded and priced well so I made an offer on it instead.

Frankly, I wish I had a bigger garage (and checkbook) so I could afford 2 Corvettes. If I did, this post would say SOLD.
This very special Corvette is now living with a new owner. Thanks Don, for your compassionate and helpful words of wisdom.

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Congrats on the sale, best wishes to you and your family. :) No doubt you'll own one again in the future! All the best!

I happy to hear your "pristine" CE Coupe has found a new home. I hope the new owner is as passionate about the car as you. As for you best of luck and I hope you get another Corvette before the C8's arrive.

Someone got a sweet car.

Congrats TriStar (and to the new owner)!


TriStar said:
This very special Corvette is now living with a new owner. Thanks Don, for your compassionate and helpful words of wisdom.

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Thanks for the well wishes everyone. As you know if you have been following this thread, I very reluctantly sold this car. It took me over 40 years to finally realize my dream and it was very difficult to let it go.

The great thing about this was that it went to a very good home to a true gentleman and his wife who are both enthusiasts. They have owned over a dozen Corvettes since they bought their first one (a NEW split window coupe).

I plan to stay active with my local Corvette group and participate as much as possible on the forums.

I read or heard someone say once that "being Corvette" is more than just owning a Corvette. "It's a lifestyle." I can truly say that "being Corvette" is, and has been part of who I am ever since my first ride at the age of 6 in my cousin's brand new '68.

Famous last words....."I'll be back".

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