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f/s window motor drivers side

Apr 22, 2006
manchester tennessee
92 coupe black rose
This is a brand new motor that I'd bought to put in a 98 silverado, the truck got wrecked (totalled) before I replaced it but I'd lost the receit so I can't return it. This happened back in the early spring and I just now realized that I had the motor still...don't remember if it came from auto zone or advance auto. If anyone wants it, I'll take 50$ shipping included.

The numbers that I can find on the motor are
Siemens # WL42015
ACi 82979
bar code number on box is 080738829791
on the motor is 05/29/02 16628209 A 1
I really don't know what all vehicles this motor will fit on, if you're not sure it's the correct one for you, I'm sure if you take the numbers I gave you to an auto parts store you will be able to find out for sure. I am certain that it's the same one that goes in my 92 vette coupe though, so if you need a drivers side window motor for something there's a good chance this may fit.
If you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask!

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