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Fan on my '98 C5 won't work



All of the electrical is correct, shows fans operating, a/c on, etc., but no air being forced through. Air blowing in is just outside air as I drive. Help!!! Is it a fuse and if so, which one? Thanks!!!!
Which fans?

Main cooling or interior climate control?

Car new, used,been in an accident?

I'm assuming it's the interior fan... but I'm not making ANY assumptions

The fuse panel(s)
1 under the hood
1 under the pass side floor under the carpet ( where your feet would rest).

Need more info.

interior fan not working

'98 no accidents

book is not clear on which fuse to replace

tried No. 49 fuse maxi-fuse under hood, nothing wrong with it

did not check other fuses, which one would it be and where?
I have to get my book

I'll bet it's the one on the passenger side floor
pull the cover.. the functions are labeled on the box cover.. the interior one has all the cabin functions on it.

For the one under the hood.. If there's an AC fuse check that as well.

interior fan

Thank you, vigman. We'll get on it right away.

Have fun...sorry I can't be more help today, books
are on loan.

Oh By the way

HVAC is the abbreviation for AC circuts
Check all those fuses


Thanks, Mike. The A/C works! It is basically just that there is no fan blowing the air through the vents although the display shows that the fan is on.


When did this start being a problem?

Do you leave the car anywhere that it's exposed to alot of leaves... that could get sucked into the air intake for the blower... ( Small leaves & twigs leaves jammin up the fan)

Find the blower motor connections, make sure their secure.

( wishing I had my damn book here)

blower/motor connections

Any idea of where I find them? I do have many leaves on my driveway so you might be on the right track.

Thanks again.

HI there,
Your blower motor fuse, depends on which HVAC you have, as if you have dual zone climate, then your motor is controlled by the programmer.
If you have standard, then it is controlled by the switch itself.
Check BLO MOT maxi fuse 51, located under the toe board, if you have the either HVAC system.
If you ahve the standard system, then check HVAC minifuse, in the same area. Also, you will have a blower motor relay on this system, which is directly above the fuse panel, in the toe board area.
Let us know what you have, as the blower, is under the passenger side dash, and can be accessed.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
blower motor

We have the dual climate control. When checking the fuse box, we don't have a MAXI-Fuse 51, but the BLOMO fuse was 49. Checked it and it seemed to be fine. HELP???

Thanks so much,
No access to my book

The friend I lent it to, well lets just say they are destroyed. I'm buying a used set from Racer 78
but it will be more than a week before I can dig for the info you need...e mail me later, I'll be glad to help if you can hold out.

Hi there,
Your next check will be power into the motor, on the orange wire.
You will not get a full amp signal. It will be pulse modulated, so your voltage will fluctuate, however, you should still see battery power.
Let us know, c4c5:hb
Hang on..

Racer got the check.. the books should be here by Tuesday.

Get out your test light, Volt Ohm meter, flashlight & misc hand tools and have em standing by.


( If New England could do it, so can you!)
Lets get ready to rumble

1st use the posting How to access your DTC's
Write down any numbers it reports.


Then drop the passenger side hush panel,
the one over your knees.

Look by the fan motor, right side underneath
You will find a 4 pin connector ( a-d)

This is the input for the blower control module.

a=black= ground
b=red= +12 Blo-Mo 49 from battery.
c=tan= output from HVAC head unit.
d=n/c= no connection

Grab your meter! Not a test light

Unplug this connector and see if b has 12volts on it.

If it does verify that ground on pin a is in fact ground.

Now hook your meter between Tan & Black

Key on, meter on volts, engine off,
Select heat
Run your blower control up & down
after 15 or so seconds.

Do you see a voltage swing when you move the knob? 4-5 volts

If yes..continue

Key off

Now there should be on the other side of the blower control module a purple & black wire going to the blower motor.

Unplug this and re connect your 4 pin connector.

Put a test light between the purple & black

Key on
select heat
move the speed control up & down

Does the light go bright & dim?

If yes your blower control is OK
If no...your blower control module is blown.

Last test
get a 12 volt FUSED source

I use a mity mite battery with 2 long clip leads..1 lead has a fuse holder in it

Hook your 12 volt source to the fan directly
Purple is +
Black is...you guessed it Ground

Does the fan spin?

This is your homework...


( and yes ..I got my new books)
fan doesnt run

my fan does not run and the blower control (up &down) does not work. any ideas???? checked bloMo fuse 30 amp and it is good. going on trip and I really need the air to work. thanks

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