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douglas foster

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Aug 18, 2005
minnesota usa
1984 C4 Gold coupe, Z51, 4+3 manual, BBS rims,
I have a funny sound when i start off in first gear, in my 84C4. It's a jinging sound in the rear tire area,and only at take off. Any help?
rascal_rascal_99 said:
The way you describe it, my first thought is possibly a U-joint going bad.

I agree. I had a 1/2 shaft joint going out and it only made noise when I was taking off or taking slow corners.
My 85 had a "pinging" noise on take off, both forward and reverse. It sounded like a u-joint. I rebuilt the half shaft but the noise was still there. I replaced the wheel hub and bearing and the noise is gone.
You may be describing the annoying (but harmless) C4 "klink". It happens when the force to the rear wheels "changes direction" (for example if you rock the car back and forth in Park it'll "klink klink klink"). Sometime after the 84 came out there was a TSB issued that added a "shim" between the halfshaft and bearing/hub assembly. Seems the nut on the end of the halfshaft just wasn't pulling the halfshaft tight enough against the bearing/hub assembly, and the splined end of the halfshaft "slips" inside the splined hub assembly. Mine made that noise since the day I bought it...even after new rear bearings. Did some digging and found that TSB (the GM diagrams show the shim, but mine didn't have it). Installed that shim and "klink" gone!

A "loose" halfshaft-to-hub/bearing nut could cause the same thing...might just try tightening those up (and check the bearings for play while you're at it...there should be NONE)

See the diagram below (the blue text I added to point out this shim/washer...notice in the diagram it doesn't have a GM part number!):


Also check your parking brake shoes to make sure there isn't any parts floating in there.

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