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Fatter tires in the rear and replacements for the run-flats



I'm considering putting wider rear tires on my stock 2001 polished aluminum rims for better traction (to better handle the added power of my supercharger) and to look better going down the road. What is the widest tire that will fit without any other modification? What is the tire of choice these days to replace the stock run-flats? I'm hearing that there are several other tires that may be a big improvement over the run-flats in terms of handling and stickiness. If anyone has done this already, I'd like to hear what your experience has been. I don't want to make any wheelwell modifications, but I'd like to have a wider tire in the back. I was hoping a 295 would work or even a 305. Thanks in advance for your help.



You might try reading some of my responses in the "Magnetic Ride Control - 50th anniverary triumph or a big yawn? Will it make it to C6? " thread in this forum.

Somehow, we took a tangent and got into the subject of tires.

What I would look at first is swapping all four sneakers for the Z06 Supercar tires, on your stock (polished alum) rims. This is what the Corvette Team did for the 2003 Pace Car. Unreal grip. Looks good too. Not completely sure, but if you go to 305's in the back you may have to tub the inside wells - not fun. Incidently, the polished alum rims ain't wide enough for 305's. 295 is the widest I'd go for on that rim. Sorry.

You'd want to do all four corners though to keep the handling balanced, unless you never turn the car. Putting new Z06 sneaks on the back only could get you into some serious understeer problems as the backs hold on like super-glue while the stock fronts just plow forward.

see the Z06tire.jpg in the aforemented thread...


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MacShee98 said:

Incidently, the polished alum rims ain't wide enough for 305's. 295 is the widest I'd go for on that rim. Sorry.

I agree. If you go bigger you will need to do some mods in the wheel wells. I wouldn't recommend going bigger than 295 on the stock rims.


There was an article on tires and wheels for C5s in (I think) Vette magazine a couple of months ago. It talked about the tire width, and wheel offsets needed to clear the factory wheel wells. I am certain I saw a set of 315s on the rear of the C5 shown in the article. But I could be mistaken, I read so many articles lately that it becomes a blur.......

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