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fiberglass bumper for '69



I am building a '69 vintage road race Corvette and would like to find a fiberglass front bumper (and maybe rear). Yes, I know they came in chrome--I have one. But every pound counts, and we are going to paint it. Anyone know where I can buy one?

Hello and welcome the the CACC, Scoop. So, is there a Brothers, Oregon? :L

Anyways, are you going to race your Vette or do you just want to save weight? Some of the Shark owners I've seen at the races just dismount the bumper and race without it. If you want the look, you might think of making your own fiberglass piece. This sounds hard and I'm pretty sure it's not the easiest thing to do, but it's not impossible. Hot Rod Magazine did an article on this a month ago and it seemed kind of cool. If you can find a book on fiberglass this would probably provide more detail. You have to make a mold first from you original. The most difficult part seems to be seperating the mold and your original bumper, as well as the FB piece and not cracking it. Chris, 69MyWay, has the most experience with fiberglass and might be able to help you out, also. Good luck, dude. --Bullitt
I agree. The Hot Rod Magazine article on making figberglass bumpers was good. If you really want to look like the racers of the period you will just take the bumpers off.

fiberglas bumpers

You are both right, most racers of the period just took them off. If we can't find a fiberglass unit, we'll race without one. But one of my cronies up here thought he had seen a fiberglass '69 bumper in one of the magazines. The bumper finishes the car nicely, and may be more aerodynamic.

I'll go pick up that Hot Rod piece and see if we want to build one.

Thanks for the input.

And yes, there is a Brothers, Oregon.


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