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fighting rust


judas vette

hi people

you know after 23 years a corvette has some rust spots somewhere .my qestion is what to prevent them to take over the car makin more seriouse rust problems .

And preventing

I know that there are undercoatings that can be applied to the car (for prevention), but they sometimes clog drains that are needed for water that collection within the frame.

I'm also curious about fighting and effectively preventing rust w/o causing other problems.


hi Anthony

Do you think that teqtil would help .i mean first get rid from the rust and then put new teqtil over it .or are there any side effects?

See Ye judas vette
Hey Guys . Iworked in a bodshop for 11 years And when media blasting was out of the question. We always used a product called RUST MORT made by SEM its a brushable converter that has a little acid in it to bite into the rust . After it dries Its sandable or you can put primer or Epoxy rightover it . hope this helps:grinsanta

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