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Finally got the MSD Probillet installed!!



Put the Distributor in this afternoon, and started it up with hardly a glitch. Ill be tuning it in tomorrow.
Heres pics and description of how it went.
It may take a while for the page to generate because of the pics, so be aware of that..

Okay Sparky, looking good.

Now don't forget to perform the final test. While somebody is spinning the starter, pull plug wire number one and insert a nice fresh phillips head screwdriver in the plug socket. Hold the shaft of the screw driver tight. Now, if you feel a slight tingle, no good. If you feel a elbow cracking snap, then you are on the right track.

You are going to be real happy with this red hot ignition. It would be great if you could track down a rear wheel dyno and pay for a couple of hours to tweak and tune.

With a vacuum gauge, your adjustable timing light, and a screw driver you should be able to dial that mammy jammy right on target. You might not want to change that engine after you dial in the full potential.
Ha, I hear you Chris, I took it out this morning and felt new power and stability,Its pulling stronger, and " I havent even got it timed yet", Im impressed allready:D

The Dyno time is tempting, not only could I fine adjust, but I would finally be able to tell what this motor is putting out??
Your advice is noted, Ill know more a little down the road and will post what I decide to do . Ive seen some $200 pricetags for a good dyno session:eek but It would let me be alot more comprehensive about my motor.It could be a 350hp motor, I just dont know:confused

Thanks for all your help and everone else too:upthumbs

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