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Do you still have the rocker panel re-inforcements that you told me about? If so is the price still the same $100.00? Please contact me with the info. I am interested in buying them from you.

Contact me at sjcit@candw.ag

I am looking forward to your email.

Thanks in advance.
I will post some pics of them on here when I get home, and send you an e-mail.

Other than being a little bulky, I don't see where they would be too difficult to ship.
Here is a quick pic of the bottom of the rockers. They have surface rust on them, but are complete from front to rear. I will have to hack saw off the hinge and lock pillar.
In this shot you can see the bottom side. Except for the terrible rust that got into the lower windshield pillar, these rockers are in great shape.
I may be having a problem with my Juno home e-mail at the moment. There are messages getting bounced back. So, I will go ahead and cut them just above the lower hinge area and get them shipped to you on Monday.

I will e-mail out the tracking number for you as well.


The rockers are "rockin" their way to you now. I had to make a box out of two, three, four--I lost count, of other boxes as they are such a strange size. Tried to keep them out of the oversized category.

They will be in Miami on Tuesday/Wednesday, and from there to the West Indies I have no idea.

Let me know if you did not get my PM, and I will resend the tracking number to you.

Good luck. I am glad they will come of some use to help save another shark!

I got your emails, the rockers will do perfectly. I will post some pics as soon as i get an address. Thanks a million.

I will let you know where to send the money, i have a florida address but i will have to get it from home. I will post it here tommorow. Thanks for everything.
I was just about to email you. They finally arrived on island this morning. Cant wait to get em out of the port. I will email as soon as i get them in my hand.

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