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for sale 1958 corvette 283 engine #'s correct


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I have for sale a 1958 Corvette 283 block bored .030 over. I consider this a barn find. I did not want it to end up at the scrap yard where so many of our vintage parts are going.
It was a complete motor from carb to pan ,and it was not frozen. It had a new looking chevy badged cast iron powerglide bolted to it.

I tore the engine down to the bare block(did not hot tank it or magnaflux it) and cleaned and painted it for protection
I removed the .030 flat top 4 valve relief pistons,Stock GM crank,cam,intake(4 barrel) pan.rear breather tube and heads(heads are not corvette,1960 283/327.
The cylinders look ok but I am not a machinist,I am sure there is some wear. If any is interested I have a digital caliper set with inside cylinder gauges I guess I can give it my best and see what I can read for you.

Here are the numbers on the Block:
Casting # 3737739
date "I37"
engine stamped "F923DG"-Flint,sept,23,corvette 283 230 hp base 1- 4 barrel.
Crankshaft#3735236 date I18
Main bearing caps are all there with bolts.

I have the block already bolted down to a pallet with lifting chain left on and this is all in a 24"x24"x15" heavy box ready for pickup ( it weighs about 185lb so it has to go freight. We have a Reddaway trucking service here in town.
please email me with any questions.Because it has to go freight (or pickup) I have adjusted my price it is $500

The rest of the number's matching parts will be sold also.:)
thanks for looking .This is new to me so email me with any questions and if you need to have my phone # I would be glad to give it to you. I have pics also.


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Mar 5, 2015
1958 vette motor

Do you still have the motor for sale. If so could you send me some pic's.
Also do have a phone number I could call you at
Thank You Catch


Sep 24, 2004
Southwest Kansas
2007 Atomic Orange Coupe
Do you still have the motor for sale. If so could you send me some pic's.
Also do have a phone number I could call you at
Thank You Catch

Catch, first off Welcome to CAC! :w You couldn't have found a better place to join to find information about Corvettes. That being said, I doubt seriously if you will get any response from the OP (original poster), as he is no longer a member, indicated by the "guest' under his name. Also, this thread is seven years old.

My suggestion to you is, if you are looking for an original 283 engine for your Corvette, then start a thread in the For Sale/Wanted section of C1-C2.

Good luck with your hunt.

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