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Oct 28, 2000
Stockton, CA
Ex 1995 ZR-1 Aqua/Blk #389, 2010 ZR1 JSB/Blk #1549
Hello All

I no longer have my ZR-1. But I do have a few items that some of you may be interested in that might be able to use. Listed is some of the items I am selling. Please contact through my e-mail as I not that active on the forum anymore due to time limitations. These items are indicated new or used and the price is on items only, shipping is additional and is not included in the price. I will accept cashier's check, money order or I can do Paypal which will add 4% to the total with shipping if you're paying by PayPal to cover the cost of the service charge.

Please send me an e-mail with your contact information and if you want shipping rates please include your zip code.


88-96 C4 EBC Green Stuff Kevlar brake pad set #DP21131 & DP21167 – New: $120

95-96 Corvette & ZR-1 master brake cylinder, New not rebuilt Raybestos #MC390255 – New: $150
This is a brand new "(OE PBR Automotive)" #63-3902555 brake master cylinder with reservoir which is the factory OE supplier for GM on the 95-96 Corvette & ZR-1’s master cylinders made in Australia sold through Raybestos. Again this is new not a rebuilt Raybestos part #MC390255. For ZR-1 applications ZR-1 reservoir must be replaced with ZR-1 reservoir as reservoir supplied with new cylinder will only fit Corvettes not ZR-1's.

92-95 ZR-1 Factory OE NOS GM not reproduction, Bright Aqua (43U) color 2 complete sets ZR-1 emblems, this package includes (3)-ZR-1 emblems & (1)Rear Panel CORVETTE emblems - New: $120.00 per set

GM 91-96 Corvette Trans Am Camaro SS ZR-1 Wheel Chromed Center Cap Set - New:$45.00 set
These are new chromed generic center caps set for the GM 1991-1996 Corvette Saw Blade, ZR-1 Camaro SS type wheels. This is a set of 4.

GM 84-06 Corvette Trans Am Camaro Wheel Chromed Lug Nut Cap Cover Set - New: $35.00 set
These are a brand new chromed lug nut cover set for the GM 1984-2006 type wheels. These are a brand new set of 20.

CT Machining Polished Solid Billet ZR-1 Center Caps - New: $200.00 set

AMT/Ertl Factory Promo Models – New: $7.49 ea
Qty Descrpition Part Number
1 95 ZR-1 Comp Yellow 6661ED
1 96 Corvette Coupe Bright Aqua Metallic 6620ED

RedBox 1/24 Scale DieCast $7.49 ea

1 – 93 Bright Aqua ZR-1

*Please add 4% to the total with shipping If you're paying by PayPal to cover the cost of the service charge.


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