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Here is the story. I was at a local establishment for a co-workers send off. As I was walking in, a sheriffs car stopped right behind my Vette. So I went in, but stood at a window to see what he was doing. :confused Sure enough, he put a ticket on my windshield.

I went outside to see what it was that I did wrong. :argue He told me that the ticket was for not having a license plate on the front of my vehicle. I live in MN and it is required here. I told him that for vehicles 20 years or older a front plate is not required. :nono I went over that with the gal when I picked up the plates. He said it was true for collector plates only. I told him that was not the way we read it.

So he grabbed the ticket because he said he wasn't 100% sure and was getting ready to leave. I asked him if he would call me when he looked it up. I came into work this morning to a message from him and I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! I like it when that happens. :beer :booty

Something else funny happened. I pulled in with a co-worker and she noticed I didn't have a front plate and asked me about it on the way in.

So, for fellow Vikings out there, take off those UGLY front plates and make sure you :w


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Dec 27, 2000
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Great story ... & good news for Vikings w/older rides. You had good fortune too ... that the officer was willing to back off until he'd verified the statute ... that he phoned you with results. Though we've no front plate requirement for any year car, around here I'd expect to have to PROVE that sort of thing in the courtroom.



I work for our local Sheriff Office (GA) and I admire that MN deputy who didn't make an @$$ of himself to push the ticket onto a 'vette driver anyway, and admire him EVEN MORE for calling you back to inform you that you were right!
How often do officers back down!? That one is allright!

Mr Dark

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Feb 26, 2002
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Since my car is approaching the 25 year old mark, I asked the Minnesota DMV about the "one plate versus two" on the car. Here is what they came back with -

"Thank you for contacting Driver and Vehicle Services.

Yes, it is okay even if the vehicle is registered in the passenger class.

Effective August 1, 2000, vehicle owners may choose whether to display one
plate (on the rear of the vehicle) or two license plates (front and rear of
the vehicle) for the following vehicles:

-vehicles registered in any collector class
(collector, pioneer, classic, or streetrod)

-vehicles that would qualify for pioneer, classic, and streetrod classes and
are used for general transportation

-1972 and older vehicles that are used for general transportation

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. "

I think I'll print it out and put it in my vette when the time comes, so that I'm prepared for the inevitable! :)

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