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Free 700r4


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
to anyone in southern california if you want a 700R4 trans for free let me know it is complete except it has no tailshaft housing only problem it had when car was running it made like a tapping noise never had it looked at to find out what was causing it it always shifted fine has torque converted to .... it is from my 82 corvette ..... sorry I cant ship it, it's just to heavy
:L It must be the time of year; I was thinking the same thing. ;) I've got a bunch of original equipment from the '87 that I don't want, but don't want to go out of my way to ship either. Anybody that want it, can come get it. Happy holidays! :grinsanta

_ken :w
I could just figure out how to put one more free engine or transmission in this space and still park in my house garage, I will be there to get it.

Actually, I can't wait to clean this corner out and move this junk into the shop and eventually park the 69 in this spot all the time. The GEO will have to finally go outside.
Hey that snapshot gives me an idea. How about someone start a topic in the OFF ROAD section about messy garages and/or stockpiled parts? Maybe I'll even put something up for grabs for the best mess. It'd probably be 8-tracks, though. :L
Bullitt, I'm so anal, my garage is cleaner than my apartment. It's quite full, but clean and neat. :L

_ken :w

that pile of engines is the only way I can clear enough room in the work shop to get anthing done. If the Geo was 5" longer it would not fit. I had to move the big block and several other engine parts out back because there was no way to squeeze it all in. I do enjoy parking in the garage. There is no dew on the window in the morning, and the car is safer. Yep I know, who is going to mess with a GEO anyway.

Soon, very soon, I hope to move all that back around to the shop and have a clean clear parking spot again.

I can't stand when I drive around the neighborhood on a Saturday and notice how many garages are so full of junk that is not being used that they can't park inside.
A clean garage is a sign of a sick mind :)

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