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Friday was Fright Night


Apr 6, 2006
Columbus, OH
2006 Monterey Red Coupe
I had a few extra psi (35+) in the tires so, that they would not go down parked in the garage for 6 or more days. With the continued warm weather (mid - high 50s), I decided to exercise my 400 ponies. It rained all MLK weekend but I did not care. Nothing the car wash will not cure. So, I bled-off some psi down to about 32 psi.

I went to my favorite Italian restaurant in West Jefferson. I happened to look at the tire pressure monitor, and the RF showed 30. As I was about to turn for the restaurant, I noticed that RF indicated 29... 28... 27. I turned into a gas station across the street from the restaurant.
But some dude had his pick-up parked in front of the air hose.
So I went up the main drag to two other stations, but neither one had air hoses!!! RF indicates: 26... 25.... flat tire warning light comes on ... 23... 21 ... 19...
Back to the first gas station. [Good thing my West Jeff cop "buddy" is not around tonight.
] The pick-up is gone so, I swoop in to park next to the air hose. RF gets pumped-up to 32 psi. Whew!!!!!

The problem was with my aftermarket chrome air valve cap w/ C6 emblem. For whatever reason, the little black o-ring of the RF, will not stay in the top of the cap. When I check the psi of the RF, the stupid little o-ring, is often wedged in the front of the air valve. This prevents the adding of air or using my tire gauge. Several times, I have had to dig it out of the air valve w/ my ballpoint pen. Then I would tamp down the o-ring to the top of the valve cap with the ballpoint pen. Well... I guess on Friday night, that the same offending o-ring was pressing against the air valve and dumping all of the air out of the RF. It was a good thing that I was near a gas station and had the tire pressure monitor, in view. The RF stayed @ 32 psi for the rest of the evening. Drove to Dayton the next day with no problems. But, I had my eye on the tire pressure monitor for the whole trip. No more scares: a steady 32 psi. [Actually the front tires are @ 32 psi and the rears are @ 30 psi.]

So watch your aftermarket valve caps, when you check your tire inflation. For me, I am going back to my factory valve caps. Next Friday night, I may not be near a gas station with working air hoses.


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