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front console, power antenna



Help Guys:

I pulled the front console and replaced iinstruuments etc. I was wondering, is it easier to put the radio in first before replacing console or the other way around?

Also, on a power antenna, where would you pick up your power underneath the dash board?

Really aooreciate anyy help you can give me..


Radio is probaly 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other.Are you adding a power ant. and need to power a relay,just use the hot wire to the cigerette lighter.How did you come out on blinkers and headlights?
You were right on the money, it was the flasher. Never seen it like that. It already has a power atntenna but I really did not check when I pulled it all out wheree they had power to. Wire does not look like it would go all the way to cig lighter.

Thought maybe they rigged into radio power slide on or something?

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