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front speakers


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Dec 9, 2001
2001 red convertible, 1985 wht
I have been trying to change the front speakers in my 84 and I'm not having much luck. It's not a bose system. What's the best way to remove the old speakers?
Are your speakers in the top of the dash? If so the top dash pad removes without a lot of difficulty. I had mine off to paint it, I don't have speakers in the dash top but the pad looks like it can accomodate them. The pad is made out of styrofoam so be gentle. There are about 5 or 6 screws I think along the rear edge underneath and a few more up at the front near the windshield in the vent slot, remove them and then lift slightly and pull pad to the rear of the vehicle. The pad is attached at the windshield edge with clips. You may have to remove the instrument cluster bezel and the center info panel bezel to get at the screws.
We have some pics of the dash pad and instructions at our website...under "dashpadtips"......click banner below...... have fun :w
I looked through the entire manual and it has everything including the kitchen sink but no speaker diagrahm:r :r :r

I'm sure someone has done it and will chime in.
Good Luck
Len, that's why I had someone install my system for me. ;)

_ken :L
The inner door panel .......

It's a pain

You have to release one of the two door latch linkage arms and swing it out of the way to get access.

Speaker replacement

I'm getting ready to replace my speakers too.
I'll be following replies to your post to see what others have had to do.
My shop manual dances around the topic of Bose speakers in the door. My stereo installer believes he would have to remove the window mechanism, or at least loosen it to move it out of the way. BTW - I'm pulling the Bose speakers and installing Infinity Kappa's and amplifier, which means I have to get a harness adapter to change the Bose head unit's output to something the amp can deal with.
Oh! Don't listen to his crying!

"...I'm just a po little southerner..."
nyernga = New Yorker in Georgia...he's a Yank!

ps, still coming to mow the lawn? ;)
Sorry Len I should have posted the Email I sent ya if you could (If it works hehe) Quote it for others to see so they can do this job without a GM 80 dollar an hour bill.

Like I said before, you can cut the fiberglass door inner skin. This will allow you to raise the window with the door panel off. Unscrew the mounts to the speaker enclosure, then make a couple of dremel cuts across the inner door frame. Pry (and pray) it up and out.

Do the replacment, then use some JB Weld, or other quick epoxy to put the seam back together. If you go this route, you will have it in and out in no time.
If memory serves

If you remove all the screws holding the inner door panel ( window up ) and silde the inner door tin skin down to clear the top of the fiberglass door then pull up you get the inner door skin out of the way enough to get at the linkage.

It's the linkage for the door handle which has a plastic lock ( by the door latch machanism )

Go to the dealer and buy a couple of replacements for this plastic bit... mine have broken the instant you apply any pressure on em ( heat age etc)

This will now let the skin drop at about a 30degree angle, just enough to get the speaker out cleanly. Use a bungie cord to hold it up so the rest of the weight doesn't rest on the other piece of linkage ( door lock ).

While your in there.. lube & tighten everything you can find. this is also a good time to replace the outer weather strip.

Oh, Crabgrass!

Mowing the lawn is beginning to look expensive. :cry

ps, we bought lawn seed yesterday ;)

i talked to my installer yesterday about installing all my orion stuff with a true 6 speaker system and he said it's not that hard of a job to do....we didn't get into the full job but they are good and do top line custom work for athletes and others here in baltimore...can't wait to get all my amps and speakers in along with my new head unit :D oh and don't forget about the dual 12" subs :D
Re: thanks!

Mad-Mic said:
...he said it's not that hard of a job to do.

:L Anybody that does it on a daily basis will say it's a piece o' cake. ;)

_ken :w
I saw a neat web site the other day that illustrates how to get the bose speakers out of the front doors.

Try this link: http://carstereohelp.com/strcorvette.htm

Hope it helps!

Radar :cool

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