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Frozen Converter Bolts


Jun 23, 2001
Chester, NY
82 Red Coupe
I want to keep my 82 fundamentally "stock" and original. But, wanting a little more juice, I've added K&Ns, removed the air door, added Super Turbos and am now adding a free-flow converter.
Started soaking the bolts, but I can see this is going to be a bear to get off . . . now's when I wish I had a lift, instead of the ramps! Hate to have to take it to a muffler shop . . . anybody got any ideas?


Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community (CACC). This is a great corvette site. Check it out and look at some of the great features that Rob has installed.

Sorry to hear about frozen bolts. Use penetrating oil, tap with a hammer, more penetrating oil, wait for it to work in then use a breaker bar to break them loose. It may not be that easy.

Don't give up,
DADS8T2 Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community


If all else fails a small propane torch works well... Just be kind of careful down there.. hehehehehe

And enjoy your time here and the :W:

A little bit of heat from a torch will probably work. However, in the event that it does not...here is a trick I learned from an old steam fitter a few weeks ago that will work for sure. Get a plain wax candle or parafin block. Heat the bolt/nut whatever just enough to cause the wax to be drawn into the threads, much like soldering, turn off the heat and remove the bolt/nut. Be careful as wax is flammable. Good luck!!
frozen bolts

When I removed my convertor I had the same problem.
So, I just "Muscled-Up" and broke off about 3 of them and the rest came out the correct way. (Note: cussing helps!)
I replaced the bolts upon re-assembly. Be carefull, the convertor is pretty heavy

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