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FS HP distributor 1111263 with tach drive


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Apr 25, 2009
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It is a Delco Remy, P/N 1111263, magnetic pulse trigger, needle/roller bearings in the shaft instead of brass bushings, with tach drive coupling. This thing should work with the proper coil and wiring. Do your research 1st. I am selling for a friend. It has the provision for use of a mechanical tach drive like a corvette uses. This would be a cool addition to a vintage racer. The respected Camaro Research Group web site says the following about this tach and the link to the web page showing this:
An alternative distributor was also listed. This is the highly prized ball bearing distributor PN 1111263. This heavy-duty version was initially released for the reverse-drive camshaft 427 big block racing engine. It has a special ball bearing on the upper part of the mainshaft instead of the usual bronze bushing. This distributor has an iron housing with a mechanical tach drive and has a special reverse-drive distributor gear that permitted clockwise rotation of the distributor in this special 427 engine. It specified 13 degrees maximum mechanical advance at 1900 RPM. This distributor did not have a vacuum advance feature; the plate inside the distributor was fixed in position. (This distributor was still listed in the 1991 Chevrolet parts books, for $1,699.05!)
The 263 distributor required two changes for use in the small block 302 engine. First, the provided drive gear was replaced with the standard drive gear. And second, the lower oiling channel on the lowest boss was extended full circumference. (As supplied by Chevrolet, the lower oiling channel traversed only 3/4 of the circumference; if not fully grooved - like the standard small-block distributor - the oil passage that feeds the right-side camshaft lifter bank could be blocked, resulting in immediate engine failure!) In addition, it was often desirable to revise the provided advance curve to better match a given application. (Most racers changed the advance curve anyway.)
The 263 ball-bearing distributor had an advantage when the Cross-Ram dual 4-barrel setup became available for the 1968 Trans Am racing season. Because the 263 didn't have a vacuum advance unit it was easier to clear the number eight runner on the Cross-Ram manifold. The distributor tach drive could be moved around to suit the application. The previously mentioned 267 distributor can also be used, but it is a much more difficult fit in the Cross-Ram manifold application.
A third TI distributor for OTC TI applications was PN 1111095. This was a ball-bearing distributor similar to the 263, but without a tach drive.

Call Bryan if your interested. If you get VM, I'll call you back. Its a work mobile phone, you got the right number. Asking $1000 feel free to maken offer. I'll send as more pictures upon request. Bryan (704) 560-1408

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Jan 10, 2001
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This distributor is for sale on more than one web site.

111263 is, indeed, a ball-bearing tach drive distributor, but it was for Big-Blocks with gear driven, reverse rotation camshafts. If it came out of an engine with a chain-drive camshaft, the gear has been changed to the chain-drive item.

The attached images are so poor that the PN band above the mounting collar cannot be read. I'd advise anyone who's considering buying this unit ask the seller for a better picture before shelling out a grand.

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