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Fuel economy display corvette -88




Anyone who knows how this display works is there any sensor and where. Sometimes it shows 0 and after driving a while it begins to work. And everytime when i start the engine, it resets to 0 ( whitout pressing reset button). Any one that knows what´s the problem.

Questions, please

Hi there,
First off, are you looking at the average, or the instant miles per gallon???
Next, if it is the instant, this is normal, but should immediately start to react as soon as you start moving.
If it is the average, I am suspecting that the reset button for the mileage meter is sloppy, occasionally contacting, and reseting the indicator.
As this receives information from the ECM, as to vehicle speed, engine load, and other things to achieve readings.
Please let us know how you do, c4c5

it is both average and the instant miles per gallon that shows 0 but when driving for a while ( 5 Km )it begins to work.
Do you mean the reset button is sloppy for economy display?
thank you

Well, yes, it would get a little touchy, so that it would automatically contact, creating this condition.
Per diagnostics on page 8-194, this states that if you can verify that this button is ok, the next course of action would be to replace either the instuments cluster, control head or a PCM.
In depth diagnostics is critical here, as these are all expensive, and throwing parts here will not be a correct course of action.
Best to you,c4c5

I have found out that it is not the reset switch, when i have been driving and it stops working the everage counts backwards, So it must recive puls that the miles is passingby but no fuel is consuming. Is there any sensor that counts fuel consumtion.
And what is, and where are control head or a PCM located.
The fellow that i bought the car from fixed a problem with code 36
he replaced the ECM and prom and tried with a new MAF and gasket at the trottle body. But returned everything to original because the problem was the rightside relay behind the battery. (it worked fine before he fixed this) Could something of this cause this problem?

Best regards

I would say that you could be on to something, as this received data from the ECM, so this could be an issue.
I would say that there is something amiss here, and that in depth diagnosis, by a specialist is needed here.
I dont know where you are located in Sweden, however, Lars Tidblom is an excellent mechanic, and I am sure that he can help you out here.
He is a member of Corvette club of Sweden, and I am sure that he can assist you in this endevour.
Please keep us posted on how you make out, c4c5
It is working!

I replaced the ECM with prom and then it works.
Unfortunately couldn´t i try if it was the prom or the ECM i replaced both.

Best Ragards


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