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fuel injection manifold swap


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Apr 17, 2001
Loxahatchee, FL, Palm Beach co
If you have been involved with modifying a TPI l98 for max hp you'll soon find that your TPI intake manifold is a BIG hp block as the base and runners cant flow even as much as the stock heads, swapping to an ACCELL or EDELBROCK base and runners that have slightly larger ports helps but does not cure the problem TPIS sells a mini-ram intake that looks a lot like an LT1 intake but they get over $1000 for the intake and fuelrails(legal highway robbery)this intake they say is worth 100 hp over the stock TPI but even this intake leaves a lot of flow restrictions if you have good set of after market heads .the obvious answer is to modify a good 4 barrel intake or tunnel ram with bungs for the fuel injectors and an adapter (90deg) to remount your throttlebody so that you can still use your mass air sensor and cpu from the factory set up.the fuel injector bungs are readily available from several sources but I have yet to find a 4-barrel mount to GM throttle body(90 deg) adapter! does anyone know of a source ???thanks for the help gentlemen!!
Paul, I've never heard of an attempt to modify the intake as you suggested. Sounds like a lot of work what with all the options available in aftermarket manifolds and runners.

Good luck with your quest for more air. ;)

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