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fuel leak near tank!?!?!?


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
I started her up today and noticed as I walked around her that there is a slow but steady fuel leak on the passenger side, near the rear corner of the fuel tank. Its dripping onto the passenger muffler. I'm guessing there is a rubber fuel line in that vicinity that has cracked. It only leaks while running, but leaves a hell of alot of fumes in the garage. (needless to say, Im not closing the garage up) Anybody with fuel tank battle experience have an idea what I'm about to get into this weekend? Thanks guys, have a safe weekend. :bang

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Looking at my 75 assembly manual (I'd bet it's really similar to your 77) the fuel supply and return lines run through the area you are describing. Most likely your problem is with return line. Looks like you would have to drop the tank by removing the supports, might not be enough room in there to make a repair without completely removing the tank. There are rubber hoses that route toward the top of the tank through holes on both sides of the tank cover that would have to be disconnected first, as well as the tank sending unit wiring. Try the link below I just found on another thread, might be a major help

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I had that same problem! I was getting overcome with fumes while driving and having to pull over to 'clear my head'. Finally found the leak to be the return line, which was dripping down the gas tank, into the spare tire carrier and onto both mufflers.

We were able to remove the gas tank lid and rubber necked gasket and replace the hoses without dropping the tank.
It didn't take very long.
I sent you a PM. I didnt think there was enough room under the rear deck lid to get in there and do that. how cool, can you you give me any more info? thanks a bunch, guys

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