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Fuel Problems with '84



I am having problems with what seems like a fuel starvation problem. Of course local mechanic says he can not fix it and promptly replaced ignition module and 5 plugs. He claims they all were fouled, do not see how they were fouled when it does not seem to get enough fuel. HELP???? Idles fine put under any load starts to die.:beer
Hi there,
Have you gotten a check engine light at any time???
Sometimes, your throttle position sensor could have a dead spot in it, and give you the same symptoms, because it does not see that your car needs more fuel.
Let us know what you have, c4c5
No "check engine" light, all instruments check fine. Wondering if it is a possible fuel pump? Does not fit the profile but this one is weird!
Had a similar problem

Fuel pump filter ( IN tank ) was clogging
in line fuel filter had bunch of stuff in it.
my rotor left a bunch of tiny metal shaving in the top of the cap ( Misfiring )

Net result

The car would not go past 1800 rpm, it would start fine and cruise ok but the second you romped on it
it just bogged!

Try This......
Take the air cleaner off, run car in driveway Rev it! Watch down the throttle bodies if in fact you run out of gas! Or if you have fuel and the engine dies...Its spark!

Any error codes? Check engine light on?

Thanks Mike,

Did the driveway trick with air cleaner off, plenty of fuel. Idle does not have any problems, as long as I am in neutral does not seem to bogg. The minute I hit the pavement starts to bogg down, no engine lights but mechanic said I had fouled plugs. At a loss!:confused
Thanks Jay, I am leaning that way my self especially since it idles but can pull a load.
Even if you need a fuel pump eventually, they're still pretty inexpensive and rather easy to fix.....good luck :)

I'am not so technical, but I fixed my vette myself last week. It also wont drive, and at a time it won't start either.

So I changed the fuelpomp

Still no fuel!

I checked the sparks, and they doens't work.

So it has to be the inigitonmodule, BUT the reason this was damaged was that the coil was history!

So, when you changed your module....CHECK the inigitoncoil.

Now it runs like hell, I beat a motorcycle today at 160mph hahahah

did mechanic check o2 because it will cut down fuel if it is stuck in rich position.You might also have a problem with iac motor not closing enought but reading closed and leaning out fuel too much.

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