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Fuel pump wont pump



I hope that someone can help me. My 82 CE will not start. I am not getting fuel to TBI's. I have so far replaced fuel pump, strainer and replaced in line filter, Fuel pump fuse is good, but it does not seem like the pump will run. It should run for 3 sec. when I turn on the ignition ....right??? The car was running fine at 8 pm and at 7 am it would not start. strangest thing Ive ever seen.... Is there an interlock or something that I am missing??? Can I bypass interlock to check for power at the fuel tank connector??? I hope someone knows about this system cause I am stumped. I have had the car for 6 mos. it was my late brothers and it has been off the road for several years, but was running fine for the short while I have had it. I am just beginning to start the renovation process. It has 63K original miles and really is in good shape except for paint and trim
You may want to check the fuel pump relay. It's located in the passenger compartment behind the drivers seat. Should be right behind the ECM.
Good Luck.

How electrically inclined are you?

I can help...

I'm really hoping you find an electrical problem relating to you fuel pump. But to as to the method of failure
The car was running fine at 8 pm and at 7 am it would not start. strangest thing Ive ever seen....
yes, I've seen it several times, and experienced it once, on my own Grand Cherokee! The mechanic who replaced the fuel pump told me this type of failure is very common for electric fuel pumps.
First round info

Now this is all based on an 84 TBI but the two SHOULD be close.

1) Get a 12 Volt test light & ohm meter

2) Get an assistant.

3) Locate the 3 pin connector for the fuel pump by tank ( drop the lic plate) On the 3 pin connector there should be a Light Blue ( +12 for pump) Black( ground) and Pink ( sender resistance)

4) The Light blue should go ON for 2-3 seconds with key on.. the test light will be a bit DIM.. but if you have power there and NO pump operation ( whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) then you pump is toast or jammed.. in either case replace it. If no light continue.

5) Under the hood there is a red & orange wire on a two pin connector near the distrib coming out of the rear of the block. There are 2 sender unit's there.. the 2 pin for keeping the fuel pump alive with oil pressure UP & the oil pressure sender unit for the gauges ( the big sliver bullet lookin thingy with 1 wire on the end). The 2 pin connector ( on top ) is the one you want... Key on, the orange wire should be HOT, jump to red.. If the pump NOW runs it's probably the relay, OR if the relay is OK it's the ECM YIKES!

Do these tests first......let me know the outcome.


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