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I am a new corvette owner I am 57 and bought my first corvette it is a 1974 L48 coup that was almost totally taken apart and set out side for the last 6 years. Well I am a glutten for punishment and the price was wright so I halled it home.I have been working on this car sence just before chrismas and I have a lot of it back together and the engine running and I even drove it out of my garage and up and down the alley behine my house.There is still a lot of work to be done but I am not trying to make it a show car I plane on driving it around town this summer and haveing fun with it.I do have one question thou I am a little confussed about the fuel to used in this car it seems to be wright about the time thing were being swichted over to nolead will I need to add somthing to the fuel when I use nolead. The engine is the correct 350 with no converter. Anything anyone can tell me about this car would be helpfull. Im new at this stuff ( vin 1Z37J4S437417 )
Hi Chris,
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Your car doesn't have any special fuel requirements so whatever it runs best on will be fine.
Hi Chris,
Welcome to the Forum and the Corvette World. I run 93 Octane but in my boat I do add "Relead" to the gas as those motor's are pre lead free. Valves are suppose to last longer...

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