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fx3 suspension



My 95 convertible with selective ride control has the "service ride control"light on. I checked and found the front right shocks gear that fits into the actuator broken. Do I buy a new gear or shock? And once I repair this will the light go out?
I pretty sure you can't get the gear separately without buying the whole Shock/Actuator assembly from GM. :(

But, here's a great link that shows how to repair the failed gear.

FX3 Gear Repair

Once you replace or repair it, you will need to clear the Trouble Codes to get the "service ride control" light to go out.
The Service Manual will give you the info you need to do this! :eyerole
Try contacting Bilstein in San Diego at 800 537-1085. Ask for BillHindorf. He shud be able to advise you re: rebuilding.
Thanks - I called Bilstein and they can rebuild the shock with the gear for $100. Tim.

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