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GiMmE My CaR!!!!!!!


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
I want my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been at my mechanics for like

TAKE A GUESS :mad :mad :mad


I wish he'd give it back but we've been waiting for parts like the Shift gate, clutch master/slave, and the Cyl's connecting line.

Everyday its tommorrow,tommorrow,tommorrow

He's got about one more tommorrow


(lovely little vent there thanks for reading):s
Boot to the head... (or is that a shift boot... :) )

Sometimes it seems like every part I want is made of unobtanium. But summer's coming and it'll be well worth the wait, eh?
Ooooo a fellow Eh'er COOL

Nice to meet ya Eh! will be nice in the summer crusin to Banff again
You must never have paid attention to my posts before, eh Red? :L

_ken :w
Just when you think Canadians acutally have a trade mark Jeez..

Hey Red, I lived in Detroit for a few years and that's north of Windsor, can I be a "token" Canuck? :L

_ken :w
BigRed said:
Ooooo a fellow Eh'er COOL

Just wanted to make you feel at home :)

Actually, I've been saying it for who knows how many years, though I've spent enough time in Canada that you all have probably just rubbed off on me...

What I probably should have said, in keeping with my Bawlmer (Baltimore) location, was something like "It'll all be wirt it when you drive downy osin an git some kreybs, hon!"

:) :)

Ken said:

_ken :confused

Probably should have used "oshun"

"It'll all be worth it when you drive down to the ocean and get some crabs, hon."

Referring, of course, to the Bawlmer tradition of clogging Rt. 50 to Ocean City every weekend from May - September. There are, however, some good Corvette meets every year (Freestate is one that I've seen a couple times).

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